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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Violet Metallic How-To

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Watch Farouk Systems educator and #ONESHOT nominee Cynthia Diersen create a smoky metallic shade on Facebook Live at the Farouk Global Conference in Cancun. Cynthia used the new violet tones from the Farouk Shine Shades collection and shared a ton of tips. Check ’em out!



Don’t Forget The Developer

  • When mixing color, don’t leave any developer on the sides of the mixing bowl. Always incorporate ALL of the developer with the color to get the best end results and to keep the color looking as even as possible.


Move The Hair To Blend The Color

  • In order to create the best blend, Cynthia suggests moving the hair around the head as you apply the color. After moving it, twist the section and drop it down. Why twist? The twist creates additional movement and can eliminate having to go back and blur anything out later.
A close-up look at Cynthia’s twisting method!


See all the pics from Farouk’s Light It Up Conference in Cancun!


Saturate Completely

  • When using ammonia-free color, like the CHI Shine Shades collection, it’s important to thoroughly saturate the hair. Why? Because ammonia-free color does not expand, which means every strand needs to be completely saturated in order to get even coverage.


Saturate the hair completely to create your best color!


Use CHI Keratin Mist

  • Before applying the color, spray the CHI Keratin Mist from mids to ends. While most stylists use this before styling with hot tools, Cynthia uses the mist before adding color to help protect strands, to create an even better blend and to help the color last longer.


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