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Last updated: August 15, 2018

The Problem and Solution For Helping Your Client Style Their Own Hair

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The Problem and Solution For Helping Your Client Style Their Own Hair

What’s one of the biggest problems your clients face after they leave the salon? Let us take a wild guess—it has everything to do with them trying (and probably failing) to recreate their salon style at home. We went to BTC Team Member Kelly O’Leary aka @hairbymisskellyo for her go-to styling and teaching methods so her clients can always recreate the look. Check out her tips and the tools she uses below!

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Clients want these waves at home? Keep reading for tips on teaching them at-home styling secrets!


The Problem: Clients can’t recreate their salon style.

  • Whether clients want tight curls or lived-in waves, not everyone has the dexterity to curl their own hair with a flat iron or curling iron.
  • Some clients can create the look they want on one side of the head, but not the other.


The Solution: Use a client-friendly tool and explain how to use it.

  • Get on your client’s level—style their hair with something they can take home and use on their own, like the new CHI LAVA Pro Spin N Curl 1-Inch Ceramic Rotating Curler.
  • Watch the video below of @hairbymisskellyo using the iron on her client!


  • “This tool is a great conversation piece, and it doesn’t really take any additional time booked,” says Kelly. “I typically take 45 minutes for a cut and style, and in the last five minutes, I’ll give my clients a few tips, show them the correct products and snap a pic.”


The Tips: Here’s how Kelly trains her clients on the tool!

  • Get clients to hold the Spin N Curl—have them push the buttons and explore the settings.
  • Then, show them how to use it—explain how to change the direction of the curl, how long to set it for and the importance of using a heat protector (like the CHI 44 Iron Guard Firm Hold Protecting Spray!).
  • “If they are still nervous about it, I will show them how I do it on my own hair,” says Kelly. “It’s a great way to show them the hand motions, then they can mimic you as you guide their hands.”
  • Explain how much hair they should be curling at once—suggest 1 to 1½-inch sections.



Bonus Tip: Host a styling class!

  • Try selling 10 tickets to a group of friends—buy some snacks, create little swag bags and offer tips while they all practice easy styles on their hair.
  • This is an easy way to get more people into the salon and buying products.
  • “Make styling fun! This tool [the Spin N Curl] definitely helps with that,” says Kelly.

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