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Last updated: April 01, 2024

How To Create A Viral Video

6 Tips to Get Your Videos Noticed

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Instagram via @wesdoeshair

How To Create Viral Videos For Instagram

Video content is on the rise and generating more engagement than ever. Want to start making how-to videos but struggling with where to start? Viral video expert Wes Palmer (@wesdoeshair) breaks down his entire method for creating and editing videos in his 66-minute how-to class on BTC University—click here to get unlimited access to the online class, then keep reading to get six of his must-know tips.



1.  Set yourself up for success with the right equipment.

With the right tripod, you can work on clients AND capture content at the same time. Whether you have a camera or phone, make sure you get a tripod that is compatible. Click here to see content capturing equipment recommended by Wes and other social stars like @chrisjones_hair, @brianacisneros and @josievilay!



2. Consistent, strong lighting makes a difference.

Find an area in your salon or studio with great natural light or invest in ring lights so your viewers can really see what you are doing. But remember not to back-light yourself! 


3. Try to show multiple angles.

Capture the process from multiple angles, if you can. This means if you’re working alone on a client and filming with a tripod, you may need to stop and move the tripod (or your client/yourself) to capture a different angle. Make sure that the hair is always the main focus.


4.  Choose a strong cover photo.

 The “cover photo” is the thumbnail image that appears on your Instagram feed or other social media platform. This is what causes people to stop scrolling and watch your content, so make sure it’s something that will catch their eye.


Instagram via @wesdoeshair


5.  Try this trick to make editing easier.

You don’t need hours of footage to make a great video. Wes suggests taking short clips (less than 1 minute each) of the process in order of how he is working. Later on, he has mini-clips to stitch together instead of long clips he must first shorten, then edit together. 


6. Avoid distracting backgrounds.

For the best quality how-to video, work on a clean background without distracting things like messy stations or busy wallpaper. Need a backdrop? Click here to see some options.


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