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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Red Haircolor: 3 Easy Solutions To Common Issues

Red Haircolor TIGI Wesley Palmer @wesdoeshair Common Mistakes Issues Solutions
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How-To Achieve Rich Reds For Fall
Red is always a fall-favorite color trend among clients, but colorists face these common challenges when trying to achieve a rich copper: hot roots, pink results, uneven application and fading. That’s why we’re breaking down the solutions to all of your basic red head questions from BTC Team Member Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair). Scroll for formulating tips, application techniques and color formulas that will have you slaying reds all season.


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1. Formulation: Avoid Hot Roots & Pink Results

Two of the biggest formulating problems for mixing reds? Hot roots that result in harsh outgrowth and a bad reverse ombré effect, and haircolor that’s more pink than red. Try these solutions:

  • Unwanted Pink Tones: Wes recommends adding a gold kicker to his red color formulas—like mixing 10g of TIGI® Professional copyright©olour 0/33 to cancel pink tones in with copper.
  • Hot Roots: Wes uses a color melting technique applying two different formulas: the root section and another formula on the mids to ends. For the root formula, Wes recommends adding brown to avoid hot roots that rinse out lighter than the rest of the hair.


Autumn-Approved Color Formulas: Blended Copper Dimension

Using a color melting technique, Wes applied the color formulas below to achieve a dimensional, deep and reddish copper. Watch the full video tutorial to see the complete application process!


Peep The Color Formulas Below

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  • Formula A (roots)

    50g TIGI® copyright©olour 5/4 + 50g 7/44 + 10g 0/33 + 8.5-volume developer (1:1.5)

  • Formula B (mids to ends)

    100g copyright©olour 7/44 + 10g 0/33  + 20-volume developer (1:1.5)


Pro Tip: For even results,Wes uses a higher-volume developer on the lengths than the root area to ensure even application that seamlessly blends together.



2. Porosity Determines Color Results

Wet, dry or damp application will result in varying shades of red. That’s why Wes swears by TIGI® copyright©olour Gloss—these demi-permanent shades deliver tone-on-tone and low commitment color that can be applied on either wet or dry hair to achieve different desired results.


3. Use This Add-On Service For Red Heads

Color-treated clients (especially with heavily prelightened hair) should never leave your chair without hitting the shampoo bowl for a deep treatment. Applying a conditioning and repair treatment will enhance color results and fight potential damage, fading and breakage.


What To Use: Wes swears by the TIGI® Copyright Custom Care™ SOS Extreme Recovery™ Treatment. This five-minute treatment returns hair to virgin-like condition and requires no mixing. It can be applied either before or after a color service to improve the hair’s overall health.



Click HERE for the full video tutorial! 

Red Haircolor TIGI Wesley Palmer @wesdoeshair Common Mistakes Issues Solutions

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