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Last updated: May 31, 2023

4 Tips For Transitioning From Platinum to Red

blonde to red transformation
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @laurencoophair

There’s no denying red hair hues are, well—red hot right now. Different variations of warm shades topped our list of 2023’s most popular hair colors and celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Megan Fox have even embraced the trend. And as popular as vibrant shades are right now, “going” red is not an easy feat—especially if you’re starting with a blonde base. 


Transitioning from bright blonde to red can often result in an unwanted pink tone or a new shade that fades fast if not done correctly. To help you avoid both of those issues, we’ve rounded up the below five tips from Lauren Cooper (@laurencoophair), Co-owner and Creative Director of Etcher Salon (@etchersalon) and evo Education Team Member for how to transition from platinum blonde to red (without turning pink). If you’ve got blonde customers begging to hop on the trend, read on for everything you need to know.


1. Pre-Fill Blonde Hair To Avoid Pink Or Orange Patches

When blonde clients want to go red, filling their current color is a must. All lightening processes strip warmth from the hair, so pre-filling with warm pigment before applying the overall color will avoid any over-processed patches grabbing onto red color too deeply. Lauren uses evo hueverse demi-permanent gloss to pre-fill the hair AND add dimension. “Pre-filling with a liquid demi keeps subtle variation in hair so the pre-existing foils can shimmer through,” she says.


blonde to red hair transformation
Photo Credit: Instagram via @laurencoophair


2. Prevent Red Tones From Turning Muddy in One Step


3. Add Golden Tones For A Warmer Result

To get a warm result, add warmth. It sounds simple but adding a gold to your formula will add dimension, create longevity and eliminate any signs of pink. 


Keep in mind, however, that your desired end color determines what kind of gold (and how much) to add to your formula.


4. If Dimension Is The Goal, Apply Color To Damp Hair

If your client wants a look with dimension, Lauren suggests applying permanent cream color like evo hueverse permanent color to damp hair. Applying to damp hair instead of dry will result in a softer shade that will be more dimensional thanks to the previous highlights.


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