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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Video How-To: Pixie Transformation

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Watch: Pixie Haircut Transformation

It’s every stylists’ dream when a client sits down and declares, “I’m ready for a major change.” We know, because we love it as much as you do! So when ARC™ Scissors Hair Architect Wesley Palmer, aka @wesdoeshair, posted this haircut transformation video on his Insta (it has over 200k views!), we knew we had to share the how-to! Watch the video below, then keep scrolling to get the step-by-step break down for this power pixie makeover. 



Watch The Video How-To Below!

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1. Start by removing as much hair as possible (especially if your client is getting a major chop!). Wes prefers to begin this cut on wet hair, then he’ll detail once it’s been rough dried. “That’s why I like working with the PARAGON II from ARC™. They work great on wet and dry hair, so I don’t have to change up my scissors midway through the cut.”


2. Starting at the occipital bone, create two diagonal forward partings—one toward each ear. 


3. Clean up the nape by gently point cutting, then use scissor-over-comb to blend the back section.


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4. For the sides, create a Mohawk section on top to isolate the hair in front of the ear. Then, start in the front, take diagonal back sections and cut the sides—over directing the hair to the previous section to maintain length.


5. To cut the top, take horizontal partings and overdirect each section to a stationary guide to maintain length at the crown. Cut until there is no hair left in the Mohawk section and then use scissor-over-comb to blend with the back. 


6. Rough dry the hair, then use point cutting to clean up any leftover length. Wes’s client decided she wanted a shorter fringe, so he used point cutting to create a softer look.


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