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May 23, 2018

This Drip Color Video Is Going Viral On Instagram

The most satisfying thing you'll see today!

Taylor Rae Drip Dye Technique PRAVANA VIVIDS Steps Video How-to Viral Instagram Color Formulas
Instagram via @taylorrae_hair

Hmmm…this looks interesting! Watch the videos below.
Everyone loves those viral videos on Instagram that show something you’ve never seen before—you know, when they’re SO oddly satisfying that you send them to your whole squad. That’s exactly how we felt when PRAVANA Collective Artist Taylor Rae (@taylorrae_hair) started sharing her drip dyeing technique videos. Scroll through to watch the videos, learn the technique and snag the color formulas!


Watch The OG Video Below! 

Get The Steps

  1. Start by adding water to every color formula. Then, use the mixing bowl to pour over the client’s head and achieve the desired pattern. “I wanted to create a neon rainbow veil so that the hair underneath would remain blonde, shares Taylor. “But this technique can be used in many different ways.”
  2. After the colors are applied, comb through with a wide tooth comb and spread the color down the shaft.
  3. Process for 20 minutes at room temperature, then rinse.



Click The Beaker & Screenshot The 🌈 Color Formulas

Formula A


Formula B

ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS Neon Orange

Formula C

ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS Neon Yellow

Formula D

ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS Neon Green

Formula E

ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS Neon Blue

Formula F

ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS Neon Blue + Pink + Magenta

Instagram via @taylorrae_hair


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