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Last updated: December 13, 2019

VIDEO HOW-TO: Copper Melt + Disconnected Pixie

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Master 2 Fall Trends: Copper Color Melt + Disconnected Pixie
Winter is here and it’s the season for hairdressers to transition clients from summer blondes into deeper shades and bolder silhouettes. To keep you on-trend with our fave color and cutting techniques, TIGI Professional® Creative Team Artist Philip Downing (@philipdowning7) and BTC Team Member Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair) went LIVE to demo step-by-steps for a copper color melt and disconnected pixie. 


From a hydrating (and thermal protecting) cutting lotion to a copper gloss, peep the products you need and watch the full tutorial below! 

Products Used


Watch The Full Video How-To Below



Tap The Beakers & Peep The Color Formulas Below! 

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  • Formula A (roots)

    50g TIGI® copyright©olour 5/4 + 50g 7/44 + 10g 0/33 + 8.5-volume developer (1:1.5)

  • Formula B (mids to ends)

    100g copyright©olour 7/44 + 10g 0/33  + 20-volume developer (1:1.5)


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  • Formula A (global root touch up)

    TIGI® copyright©olour True Lightener + 20-volume developer (1:1)

  • Formula B (all over color)

    50g copyright©olour 10/03 + 10g 10/32 + 8.5 volume-developer (1:1.5)

  • Formula C (alternating slices throughout top for dimension)

    20g copyright©olour 10/02 + 8.5-volume developer (1:1.5)


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