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Last updated: August 15, 2019

3 Styling Quickies For Summer-Ready Hair

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Summer Styling: 3 Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Short & Long Hair

Teaching your clients how to do cute styles is an easy way to guarantee client loyalty, and these quick looks are perfect for their last-minute beach vacays! Show them these three trendy looks from PRAVANA that they can whip up right before they hit the pool! Take a peek at the videos below!

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1. Double Twist Accents 

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1. Apply PRAVANA Fresh to the hair and run through using your fingers.


2. Next, work PRAVANA Texture Balm through your hands and apply it to the section you want to twist.


3. Take a small section of hair and flat twist it to the scalp and secure with two bobby pins.


4. Repeat step three right before the first twist. Then apply PRAVANA Polish & ReUnite to the ends.


5. Finish the look with PRAVANA Super Shape.



2. Sleek & Chic Topknot

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1. Get started by applying Fresh to the hair and follow it up with Polish & ReUnite.


2. Use a comb to pull hair up into a sleek, high ponytail and twist the ponytail up into a bun using a hair tie.


3. Use bobby pins to secure the bun, and then fluff and pull the bun slightly for more volume.


4. Pull out some face-framing tendrils and use Fresh for texture. Add bend to the face-frame with a curling iron if desired.


3. Messy Fishtail Braid

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1. Part hair slightly off center and apply Texture Balm along the part and the front of the hair.


2. Next, run Polish & ReUnite through the hair and part hair into two sections down the middle towards the back of the head.


3. Start braiding your fishtail braid down the back of the head and over the shoulder.


4. Once the braid is done, secure it with an elastic band. Pull out two loose tendrils of hair by the face and loosen up the braid using your fingers.


5. Curl the loose tendrils to frame the face and apply Super Shape to the braid. 


6. Accessorize with an optional headband.

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