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Last updated: June 13, 2023

ChromaSilk VIVIDS Digital Purple Palette

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PRAVANA has added three new purples to its ChromaSilk VIVIDS Originals collection. The three new semi-permanent shades are Periwinkle, Grape and Smokey Violet and are being dubbed the Digital Purple Palette.


The three new shades are cooler-toned purples and join Luscious Lavender, Violet, Purple Tourmaline and Wild Orchid to make for a total of seven purples in the collection.


Just like the rest of the VIVIDS, the new additions are designed to be used without a developer, work best on level eight hair or higher, can be used alone or mixed with other VIVIDS and last up to 30 washes. 


pravana digital purple ppalette
Photo courtesy PRAVANA


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