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Last updated: June 27, 2023

A Look At The History of Purple Hair

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PRAVANA launched in 2004 with their ChromaSilk VIVIDS Originals hair colors and they’ve been leading the semi-permanent category with their best-selling purples ever since. That’s why the brand recently added three more purple shades to the VIVIDS collection (dubbing them the Digital Purple Palette). Periwinkle, Grape and Smokey Violet join Luscious Lavender, Violet, Purple Tourmaline and Wild Orchid to round out the line. These three new shades of purple—like all of PRAVANA’S purples—are a reflection of purples that are trending across all industries.


PRAVANA has always thoughtfully customized their purple semi-permanents based on colors that are trending at the time. For a full breakdown of PRAVANA’s cult-favorite purples, read on!



PRAVANA launched into the professional hair color market in 2004 with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Originals. The semi-permanent line is designed to be used without a developer and provides long-lasting, rich color with major shine that lasts up to 30 washes on hair levels eight and up.


The line is now made up of 23 shades making it the industry’s largest semi-permanent collection. Colors range from silver to emerald to grape, and include one black to deepen and customize colors and two clear shades to dilute.


pravana chromasilk digital purple palette
Photo courtesy PRAVANA



A PRAVANA purple weaved into the popular asymmetrical haircut in 2010.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @vadre



In 2013, PRAVANA expanded the ChromaSilk VIVIDS semi-permanent line with their Pastels collection featuring four shades including a lavender.


pravana chromasilk vivids pastel
Photo courtesy PRAVANA



Nicole Richie had a major PRAVANA pastel lavender moment in 2014.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA



PRAVANA announced ChromaSilk VIVIDS Black in 2015 to mix with VIVIDS Originals colors to create darker tones.


A look at smokey purples using VIVIDS Black:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @makeupbyfrances


Click here to add PRAVANA’s New Digital Purple Palette to your color lineup.



In 2018, PRAVANA entered the permanent fashion hair color space with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting. The collection bridges the gap between permanent creme hair color and direct dye. It’s comprised of seven shades including three purples: Mystic Magenta, Poison Berry and Violet Reign.


That same year Pantone named Ultra Violet (a “purpler than purple”) its Color of the Year. A hue Pantone describes as “communicative of originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”


A look at Ultra Violet and looks inspired by it:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @taylorrae_hair



A vibrant PRAVANA lilac inspired by the previous year’s Ultra Violet.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @sydneyannlopezhair



The year 2021 brought masks and vibrant and smoked-out purples.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @pinkdagger



Pantone named Very Peri, a true periwinkle, the 2022 Color of the Year which may have been the reason that one in every three VIVIDS products sold was a shade of purple (either Violet, Purple Tourmaline, Luscious Lavender or Wild Orchid).


A look at Very Peri and looks inspired by it:

Photo Courtesy Pantone



2023, however, might be the biggest year for PRAVANA’S purples thus far. This year marks the fifth consecutive year that VIVIDS Violet has been the number one PRAVANA purple shade, VIVIDS purples are the top performers on the brand’s social media with 70 percent of top posts featuring VIVIDS purple tones. Not to mention, PRAVANA launched its Digital Purple Palette with the three new purples inspired by the trending purples at the time.


You can learn more about PRAVANA’S new collection and purchase it for your back bar here!

The Digital Purple Palette and other PRAVANA purple looks:
Photo courtesy PRAVANA
Looking ahead into the purple haze, WGSN and Coloro have revealed that the Color of the Year for 2025 will be “Future Dusk; a dark, moody hue that sits between purple and blue.”

PRAVANA Specialist Kayla Boyer (@kayla_boyer) created this look using the newly launched Periwinkle and Grape VIVIDS shades.


open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A (dark purple)

    PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Grape

  • Formula B (light purple)

    PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Periwinkle

Photo Credit: Instagram via @PRAVANA @kayla_boyer



1. Prelighten the hair to Level 10 using your favorite global blonding technique and the lightening formula. 


2. Cleanse the hair with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Cleanse and towel-dry.


3. Apply the toning formula for 10 minutes at room temperature and rinse.


4. Dry the hair completely.


5. Take a perimeter section from underneath the front part all the way around the head and clip the rest of the hair up and out of your way.


6. Apply VIVIDS Formula A to the perimeter section from roots to ends and cover with foil or meche sheets to form a barrier.


7. Take down the rest of the hair and color melt Formula B into Formula A starting four to six inches above the ends of the hair.


Pro Tip: Hold sections vertically when you color melt for a seamless blend.


8. Process 30 minutes at room temperature.


9. Beginning with the perimeter section, rinse with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear and apply PRAVANA’s Color Protect Condition.


10. Repeat step 9 with the remaining hair.


11. Rinse and style as desired.


Click here to learn more about PRAVANA’S new Digital Purple Palette.

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