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Last updated: January 11, 2019

3 Reasons Why pH Imbalance Causes Color Fading & How To Fix It

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Prevent Color Fading With 3 Problems & Solutions To pH Imbalance
If you’re not actively restoring your clients’ hair back to optimal pH after chemical services, you may be causing their color to shift or fade more quickly. That’s why we’re breaking down three common issues and solutions from BTC Team Member and Instagram-approved colorist Genevieve Caspillo (@houseofgen) to fix it below!


But First, Why Does pH Matter?
When hair is at a balanced pH level (between 4.5 and 5.5), it’s functioning to the best of its ability. This means the cuticle is sealed and can protect itself, maintaining moisture and natural oils that will aid and strengthen hair, locking in color for longer-lasting vibrancy. If it’s not, imbalanced pH can cause pigments to quickly fade off tone.

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1. Sealing The Cuticle Isn’t Enough
You can’t truly seal the cuticle without adjusting the hair to the optimal pH. “Some solutions will simply fill in the gaps of the cuticle or provide a coat to the hair temporarily,” warns Genevieve. “When it’s time for the next wash, it’s possible that the temporary seal will wash away, opening the cuticle again and allowing color to release more quickly.” 


These Factors May Be Causing Color Fading:

  • Rinsing hair in cold water. “The pH of tap water is 7 but the ideal pH level of hair is about 4.5,” shares Genevieve. “So cold water can aid in shutting down chemical processes but won’t bring the hair and scalp back to optimal pH level.”
  • Washing with shampoo & conditioner that doesn’t specify pH balance.
  • Other products like leave-in conditioners and oils that don’t specify pH balance.



2. Strands Are Left Unprotected
Are you leaving strands open and dry after color services or strengthening the hair structure to optimal pH 4.5? If the hair is weak and unprotected, it’s at risk of fading. That’s why Genevieve uses Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure pH4.5 Color Freeze Spray Conditioner to repair broken hair bonds, close the cuticle and prolong haircolor.


“With continued use, BC Bonacure pH4.5 Color Freeze continually re-adjusts hair to optimal pH level and protects from further damage, breakage, dryness and fading,” dishes Gen. 


Watch How Genevieve Balances pH Below

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3.You’re Skipping This Important Preventative Step
You crushed your color service but skipped one of the most important step—restoring the pH balance between processing and the blowout. That’s why Genevieve washes the hair with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure pH4.5 Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner to tighten and stabilize the matrix, keeping color pigments frozen deep inside the hair.


Plus, they create high impact color vibrancy that clients see in the salon. “When I squeeze out excess water at the end of the wash, I can visually see that the hair looks brighter and shinier,” shares Genevieve. “Which is further confirmed when drying and styling has been completed, my color results look and feel full of life.”


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