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Last updated: November 28, 2017

The Secret For Going Ultra-Light Behind the Chair

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Let’s face it, your clients want that Kardashian color, they want it lighter, they want it brighter and they want it fast. What do you do? You do what you always do. You make it happen and not only do you create a color they love but you keep their hair healthy throughout the entire process.


And now, one of your favorite color lines has a bond builder that’s keeping your client’s hair softer and smoother while preserving the health between visits to the salon. We’re talkin’ Redken’s new pH-Bonder, of course!


“My clients are always asking to go lighter and brighter, but as their colorist, maintaining the health of their hair during and after each service is a top priority,” says Redken Artist Sean Godard. “pH- Bonder allows me the security of knowing that my client’s hair is going to be protected from breakage and damage while still achieving the color results they desire, along with added strength, softness and shine.”


Why it’s such a HUGE deal
More than 25,000 professional colorists are using bonding products, so it’s more than obvious that stylists and clients alike are looking to keep their hair healthy and stress-free while still achieving major color results. Whether you’re taking your client to that icy blonde or going a bit more fashion-color forward, this science-backed formula is designed to reduce hair breakage, improve elasticity and allows you to maintain expected lift without any bump up in the developer!


How it works
The trio of products that make up pH-Bonder are easy to use, can be added as a backbar service and provide new retail opportunities. Compatible with all hair types and specifically optimized for use with Redken lighteners and colors, the service can be broken down in three easy steps.


1. Frist, add the Bond Protecting Additive directly into your formula in order to help protect bonds during the technical service. Then, let your client process and rinse their hair as you normally would.


2. Next, the Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate is applied at the backbar for 10 minutes to restore the hair fiber and smooth the hair’s cuticle for improved strength, shine and softness following the color treatment.


3. Next, use the Post-Service Perfector, a once-a-week treatment designed for clients to maintain the hair’s natural pH at home.

#We’veBonded…have you?


Social Media is already obsessing over pH-Bonder—because, DUH! Check out some of these amazing transformations and see how healthy the hair is using pH-Bonder!


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