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Last updated: December 23, 2019

4 Timesaving Hair Cheats You (Probably) Didn’t Know

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4 Hair Cheats To Help You Pick Up The Pace

Have you ever been so in the zone that before you know it, you’re behind schedule on a seriously booked Saturday with only 60 seconds to pee and scarf down a lunch before your next client walks in? Talk about relatable AF. Because time is money honey, below, we’re sharing four timesaving cheats from the Ulta Beauty Pro Team that’ll help you pick up the pace behind the chair! 


1. Don’t Feel Like The Whole Head Has To Be Painted



When a client asks to go blonder, do you go on autopilot and paint foil after foil to achieve an all-over blonde? Not only is that time-consuming but it’s totally unnecessary if what she really wants is some blonde dimension. So instead of going heavy-handed with the lightener, Sean Godard (@seangodard) will only paint a few sections. Then, he lets her natural color act as a lowlight that’ll then enhance the brightness of the blonde pieces. “In order to see light, you need to see dark,” he shares. “So you need to have shadow to see light.” 


2. A Trick For Removing Weight 


Ulta Beauty Pro Team Carmody Homan @carmodyhoman 3 Techniques For Medium Length Haircuts Haircutting Cuts Cutting Midlength Removing Weight Building Graduation Side Swept Fringe


Sure, you could just razor cut to remove weight, but you risk unclean lines and that means more work later to clean it up. So Carmody Homan’s (@carmodyhoman) trick is to think of the razor as a key. Holding the section out toward him, he’ll insert the razor at the midlengths, turn it (like you would a key in a lock) and then swipe to remove some hair. But the razor HAS TO BE inserted at the midlengths. If you go in at the roots, you’ll remove too much and it’ll look like bald spots. If you start at the ends, it’s not going to be enough.


Note: Not comfortable using a razor? You can do this technique with scissors! Take a subsection, hold it at a low elevation, twist, pinch and cut from the midlengths down.



3. How To Fake Volume On Fine Hair

Let’s be real, few clients have the perfect length and density for recreating a Pinterest-inspired updo and backcombing endlessly takes too much time and effort. So how do you add volume when her strands tend to fall flat? Fake it til you make it. Here’s how Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) gives her styles a boost: 



Once the style is halfway done, start by taking a 2-inch section of hair and move it out of the way. This will be your safe piece that you can manipulate later to hide any disconnection.


2. Then, standing to the right of the client, take the remaining hair and divide it in two to set yourself up to create a two strand twist.


3. Now to create the twist. The left hand will always do the twisting and the right hand will always do the holding. So twist the hair in your left hand away from the center and then fold it over the right strand and switch which hand is holding which strand. Repeat until you run out of hair.


4. Secure the hair in an elastic, apply your fave volumizing powder and pancake the twist. 


5. Hide the twist in the style and secure with hair pins first to place it and then add some bobby pins for security.


4. Don’t Brush Naturally Textured Hair From Roots To Ends


brushing, textured hair, natural hair


Brushing the hair from the root and trying to comb down to the ends will create tangles, cause breakage and may even result in the brush stuck at the ends (yikes!). That means you’ll need to spend extra time caring for and detangling the hair. Instead, Pekela Riley (@pekelariley) says to apply a leave-in conditioner and then use the “walk up method” for brushing and blow drying. Lightly brush out the ends of the hair and “walk” the brush up to the root, gently brushing as you work upward.


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