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Last updated: October 23, 2017

6 More Products to Boost Your Color Confidence

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Nowadays, haircolor freedom is all about bonds. That’s because there’s a whole new range of treatment systems that actually rebuild and repair the disulfide bonds that are disrupted during salon chemical treatments like lightening, coloring and texturizing. The difference is remarkable. Brittle hair becomes soft. Overprocessed hair is restored to health. Dry hair drinks deeply and emerges supple and glossy. Frequent color changes are less risky and options for color-loving clients multiply.


It all started with Olaplex, and soon Instagram was densely packed with high-risk color transformations, all crediting their success to Olaplex’s three-step system.


Now there are even more options for preserving hair integrity when performing your lightening, coloring or any chemical service. As a result, you can offer color services with more confidence than ever. Here’s a look at some of the newest systems and stand-alones, designed to free you from the bonds of color restrictions by strengthening the bonds of your clients’ hair!


1. ColorpHlex Complete Hair Reparative System

The System

  • Step 1/Color Strengthening Additive
  • Step 2/Color Strengthening
  • Finish ColorpHlex Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment


The Science
ColorStrong Complex™ is a copolymer composed of a vegetable-derived protein and a reactive silica-based compound. It chemically bonds to the hair, strengthening it and repairing damage, while also dramatically increasing color vibrancy.


The Claims
ColorpHlex says the system is clinically proven to make hair up to four times stronger and repair damage caused by chemical services, the environment, hot tools, harmful or damaging ingredients and more.


Good To Know
All of the home care products have been formulated with the ColorStrong Complex™ to continue the strengthening and repair process and to protect against further damage.


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2. Redken pH-Bonder


The System

  • Bond Protective Additive Fiber Restorative
  • Pre-Wash Concentrate
  • Post Service Protector Weekly Treatment


The Science
Advanced technology protects bonds while balancing the overall hair pH.


The Claims
Redken says the three-part system promotes bond integrity and provides clients with softer, smoother hair with less breakage and damage. Colorists don’t have to adjust the amount of developer or expect less from the lift because formulas yield the same results when used with pH-Bonder.


Good To Know
pH-Bonder is compatible with all hair types and specifically optimized for use with Redken lighteners and colors.


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The System

  • NEOBOND 1 Bond Replicator
  • NEOBOND 2 Bond Fortifier
  • NEOBOND 3 Hair Protector


The Science
NEOBOND features BIO-SHIELD, a natural protective technology that counters the destruction of disulfide bonds by penetrating deep into the cortex.


The Claims
FHI says NEOBOND prevents damage before it begins. It creates new bonds, and buffers existing ones, to protect the internal structure of the hair. It delivers added elasticity, strength and conditioning.


Good To Know
The Salon by InStyle uses NEOBOND exclusively at most of its 800+ locations.


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4. Truss Professional 8 XPowder


The Product
8 XPowder color additive the science: 8 XPowder is a bond-building, damageminimizing, plant-derived complex. By utilizing natural beeswax, Truss combines nature’s ingredients with advanced protection technology. The powder format allows bleaching agents to be evenly distributed into the cortex of the hair fiber, reducing damage and ensuring vibrant color results.


The Claims
Truss says its 8 XPowder is eight times more powerful than leading products in this category. Stylists will see improved texture for easier application and spreadability, increased stability during lightening, accelerated lifting, support for precise color results, ultra-protection, extra hydration and easy detangling.


Good To Know
To use, mix one part of 8 XPowder to one part of Truss Bleaching powder and two parts of cream developer. Or mix one part directly into any haircolor.


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5. Überliss Bond Treatment


The System

  • Bond Regenerator
  • Bond Shampoo
  • Bond Amplifier
  • Bond Sustainer


The Science
Every item in the system, including the Bond Regenerator, employs nano emulsion technology, which promotes deep penetration into the hair cortex. There, it creates a crosslink to generate new bonds in damaged hair fibers caused during bleaching and coloring. The Regenerator has the ability to create ionic bonds with single sites along the hairshaft.


The Claims
Überliss says Bond Treatment significantly retains hair elasticity after bleaching and coloring with no need to change developer or processing time.


Good To Know
The Bond Shamp
oo offers stylists and clients a complete rebonding system during the chemical service and at home. “We found that only the right kind of sulfate-free shampoo works with locking in the results,” says Überliss President Hasan Syed. “The wrong shampoo can very easily erase any color protection benefits delivered, regardless of brand.” 


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6. Keune Bond Fusion


The System

  • Phase 1/Rebuild
  • Phase 2/Enhance
  • Phase 3/Recharge


The Science
Contains two types of hair-identical proteins that rebuild, strengthen, restore elasticity and reduce breakage.


The Claims
Keune says in tests against its key competitor, Bond Fusion offered up to five times more long-lasting conditioning and up to 43 percent less hair breakage after 1,000 combing strokes.


Good To Know
The manufacturer says Bond Fusion works from the inside out, rebuilding hair bonds by adding protein to the inside of the strand.


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