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Last updated: October 23, 2017

Innovative New Products to Save Your Clients’ Hair

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High lifts, color jumping, vivid fashion melts—although elaborate with beautiful results, these techniques can compromise the healthiest of hair strands. Maintaining the hair’s integrity is an integral part of any hairstylist’s job. At the end of the day, if the hair isn’t healthy, it cannot stand up to the services you offer. But if we learned anything at Cosmoprof 2015 in Las Vegas, it’s that there is a whole slew of innovative products rolling out that will go beyond protecting the hair but actually restore it to its virgin hair glory. Here are the innovative products we uncovered that will save your client’s hair!


Who: Sexy Hair BOND·ING Breakage Prevention System

The Scoop: Women are coloring their hair more often than ever before, which will eventually cause damage to the hair shaft.
When clients’ go from dark to light and back again, the amount of stress on the hair weakens the strands leading to breakage. But no longer! New from
Sexy Hair comes BOND·ING, the easiest, fastest, most accurate and affordable Breakage Preventing System. This simple, three-step process gives your color services a guarantee for success with quick and effective results! You can finally go a little lighter or a little bolder with help from BOND·ING! The system includes: Bond Maker 1, a liquid cortex strengthener. It creates new bonds and protects the existing internal structure, while nourishing the hair to maintain hydration. Bond Locker 2 is a cortex strengthening & hydrating balm that strengthens the treatment helping to lock new bonds into the cortex while providing more moisture and nourishment. It also helps to lay down the cuticle creating a smooth surface. Bond Retainer 3 is a strengthening maintenance treatment that should be sent home with your clients after the service. This bi-weekly treatment provides moisture and feeds hair to improve flexibility and shine. Together this three-step process protects hair against breakage during chemical/bleaching services, while creating new bonds and protecting existing ones for more elasticity and strength. Available in salons September 2015.



The Scoop: Finally an insurance policy for your clients’ hair! Because really, no matter how gentle a chemical process is, there is always damage to the hair and internal bonds, leaving strands dry, brittle and weakened. FHI Heat’s newest innovation NEO?BOND™, is a three-step in-salon professional system with home maintenance that can be used in combination with all chemical services to prevent damage before it can even begin. Curious how it works? NEO?BOND™ creates new bonds and buffers existing ones to deliver added elasticity, strength and enhanced condition and suppleness. Utilizing Bio-Shield Technology to counter disulfide bonds, this product deeply penetrates into the hair, wrapping its surface to deliver a deep product penetration into the hair cortex, guaranteeing the desired results. The system contains Bond Replicator, which can be added to the chemical service mixture to create new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure. Bond Fortifier Cream fortifies and crosslinks the bonds while delivering and adding hydration and nourishment to the hair. Hair Protector is a weekly home treatment that sustains and maintains the in-salon service while delivering emollients to enhance elasticity, strength the hair and provide a brilliant polished shine.  Your haircolor services will never be better!


Who: DS Laboratories Continuum
The Scoop: Just as coloring is a unique form of art, so is restructuring hair—which is why
DS Laboratories invested so much effort into making sure the unique molecules in their Continuum formula artfully reconstruct distressed strands. These molecules make up the two Continuum in-salon treatments—RO·MAXX Quantum Creator and RO·MAXX Quantum Optimizer—and the take home treatment—RO·TOPIA Fractal Energizer. Quantum Creator is applied first. It revitalizes over-processed strands by reconnecting broken connections within the cortical strand. Simply mix the Quantum Creator in with your lightener or color formula and paint on the hair as you normally would. The Quantum Creator does not affect the processing time or the amount of developer needed for the color. Once you finish, follow up with the Quantum Optimizer to not only tighten, smooth and close the cuticle, but also to seal in the color and shine. Finally, the Fractal Energizer will be applied weekly at home as a refresh treatment to keep the “fresh from the salon” results while leaving the hair soft, revived and manageable. Don’t just take our word on these results too—renowned colorists are finding amazing results using these three products too! “Continuum’s ability to protect and transform hair is without equal and is an absolute must for every stylist,” attests celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin. “The restructuring category has been perfected by Continuum. It is revolutionary in every way!”


Who: ColorpHlex

The Scoop: What do blonde highlights, pastel base blends and subtle sombrés have in common? Beyond making your clients look absolutely stunning, they are—sadly—damaging to the hair. All coloring damages the follicles to some degree—some techniques more so than others. And for years, the only corrective techniques could only be done after the color service. But no longer! 
ColorpHlex, is a hair-strengthening formula that penetrates to protect and strengthen the hair during color services! Made with the ColorStrong™ Complex, a vegetable-derived protein, this formula is scientifically proven to reduce damage and breakage in the hair. By reinforcing bonds, the ColorpHlex formula improves the overall quality and health of the hair. How sure are we of this? A study done by the an internationally reputable independent testing lab, shows that when colored or bleached hair is treated with ColorpHlex, it emerges 3x stronger than before. Plus when ColorpHlex is added after shampooing, the hair is as strong as virgin hair! Bets of all, ColorpHlex has no effect on the color formulas, processing times or developer levels. Your clients will love their new haircolor, and you’ll love knowing that their hair is strong, vibrant and above all, healthy!


Who: Brazilian Bond Builder b3
The Scoop: Imagine if you could co
lor hair without the worry of damage. How much easier would your haircolor services be? Introducing Brazilian Blowout’s b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, a one-step system that reinforces the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex, helping prevent the loss of cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the inner structure of the hair. What’s this all mean? Prolonged color retention and vibrancy between color appointments! b3 utilizes a specifically engineered co-polymer combined with a high-purity targeted delivery system. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-use professional size, with a custom dosage dispensing system. Designed with the bust colorist in mind, this 500mL bottle makes it easy to measure and mix precise amounts for all your color services. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder = more freedom, less damage and no added processing time! It’s a win-win for you and your client.