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Last updated: June 17, 2019

3 Tips To Help You Get More Time

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Learn How To Work Faster With These 3 Tips

Time is money, but when you work behind the chair it can feel like time is the one thing you never have enough of! So at a recent hands-on education event with The Salon At Ulta Beauty (one of the perks for Ulta stylists is being able to attend small classes with the Pro Team), Pro Team Member Sean Godard (@seangodard) shared tips and tricks for working smarter, not harder—and we’re sharing them with you! Click through the slideshow below for a peek at the event, then keep scrolling to get Sean’s time-saving tips!



1. It All Starts With The Consultation

Ever have a client be so in love with her hair at the end of an appointment only to come back a week later demanding it be fixed? A strong consultation is how you avoid redoing work later (and avoid clients who are shook by how much they owe after a service).


Sean says the consultation is all about the shared reality of what is achievable in the allowed time frame and what’s suitable for their lifestyle, texture, skin tone and other considerations. “Clients sometimes have unrealistic expectations based on an Instagram post but don’t realize why they can’t achieve the same results,” he shares. So use this time to get on the same page about the appointment as your client.


2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Foils

Your balayage client doesn’t want to be in your chair all day, and you want to be able to see multiple guests. That’s why foils perfectly align with the work smarter, not harder mantra—you can still achieve a lived-in feel but with more lift than traditional balayage. However, it can be easy to go into autopilot when packing foils and over-color the hair, which won’t grow out nicely. So instead, Sean says you need a balance of light and shadow while being smarter/more strategic to get the application done in 30 minutes. Two techniques that help you achieve both? Foilayage and hair painting!


3. Keep Your Sections Simple

Sectioning is key for understanding where the color is going to live, which is why Sean’s advice is to keep it simple. Your sectioning technique will differ depending on the color service you’re doing but for things like balayage and lived-in dimension, Sean says you can just part her hair down the center first and then part again from ear to ear. Voilà.



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