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Last updated: June 13, 2018

3 Balayage Mistakes You Might Be Making

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We all love the work of Jamie Sea…aka @prettylittleombre…aka the #ONESHOT Hotshot Winner of Ombré Shot of the Year in 2016! We love her creative eye so much that we gathered three of her big tips to help you boost your balayage game.


If you don’t know your tools, your products or your client’s hair history—you could be making huge mistakes behind the chair. Here are three things straight from @prettylittleombre to always keep in mind!



The winning look for Ombré Shot of the Year!


1. Know Your Tools
Your brush is everything! Any makeup artist will tell you that as well. The same goes for brushwork with painting. What works for someone else may not work for you so keep trying new tools until you find what jives with you best.


2. Know Their Hair History
It’s very important to know your guest’s hair history so you can better relay the information on how their hair will react to their color service. The best results I have are always in session two or three. The first session is the beginning of breaking through old color, smudging lines and creating the story for our next session.


3. Know Your Products
I am a huge fan of trying new products all of the time. New lighteners, new brushes, new foils. I think it’s critical to evolving as an artist and also understanding the products that will work best on your guest. Not everyone is a prime candidate for balayage lightener, sometimes they need something more aggressive, less aggressive, more translucent, etc. Stay educated so you can choose what is ideal for the canvas you are working on.



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