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Last updated: June 01, 2017

The Blonde Wand

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Ready to have your mind BLOWN?! The Blonde Wand, PRAVANA’s newest innovation, is a total game-changer. Combined with the brand’s new Pure Light Crème Lightener, this could be the next huge advancement in blonde!

Together, The Blonde Wand and Pure Light Crème Lightener lighten up to seven levels in as little as 10 seconds, leaving hair in better condition than traditional lighteners.

The Blonde Wand is a unique thermal tool that allows colorists to fully process foil highlights in seconds with less damage than comparable lightener processed at room temp for 40 minutes. This is not a flat iron—it’s engineered specifically for special effects blonding and the plates do not make contact, allowing colorists to glide or hover over the foils with ease and agility. The Blonde Wand is perfect for expediting foil highlight processing, providing clients with lunchtime lightening services, creating express VIVIDS in under an hour, removing gold banding and more.

Pure Light Crème Lightener is mild and gentle, enriched with coconut oil to create a super-nurturing mixture. It’s ideal for both on- and off-scalp lightening, and is the only lightener approved to use with The Blonde Wand. It doesn’t drip or swell and there is no need for lightener additives. When used alone, Pure Light Crème Lightener lifts up to five levels—with The Blonde Wand, you’ll get up to seven levels of lift. Sensitive clients will love the gentle formula and colorists will love how versatile and effective it is.

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