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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Joico DuoLight

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Now creating stunning balayage, ombré and sombré creations can be done in one easy, time-saving step! Joico’s new DuoLight is a one-step tonal crème lightener for effortless freehand techniques. Now stylists can focus on the artistry of their haircolor masterpieces and not stress over the timely process. The only product of its kind, DuoLight lifts and deposits in one easy step, allowing you to hand-paint in half the time. Not only does this save time, it also helps you keep your client’s hair as healthy as possible. Joico DuoLight comes in two beautiful, natural, intermixable shades:
DuoLight Caramel – recommended for Levels 2-5 (10 and 20-volume only)
DuoLight Butterscotch – recommended for Levels 4-6 (10 and 20-volume only)

Key Benefits:
– 5 levels of lift through natural or color-treated hair
– lifts and deposits in half the time (compared to a bleach-and-tone service)
– Intermixable shades
– No foils required
– Neutral odor formula for maximum client comfort
– Emollient-rich Shea Butter protects the lipidic layer of the hair and scalp
– Hyper-Dynamic Dye Technology – super-charged lightening elements and direct dyes for simultaneous lift and deposit in an ultra-conditioning crème-oil base.

DuoLight is not intended for use on client with previously lightened hair, and is not recommended for use on clients with 25 percent more gray hair.

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Joico DuoLight

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