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Last updated: March 08, 2018

Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse

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The Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse with coconut and oat milk is a unique, extra-caring post-color service option for clients. When used immediately following a color service, the natural acidity (pH 4.0-5.0) in the formula rebalances hair’s pH, softening and smoothing the hair’s surface leaving it strong, even and beautifully reflective.


This new product joins the Biolage R.A.W line—real, authentic and wholesome natural-origin formulas for all hair types—and includes no artificial colorants, no silicones and no parabens. Plus, it’s vegan, lactose- and dairy-free. 


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Manufacturer: Biolage, @biolage

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Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse

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