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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Watch: 3 Dry Cutting Technique Videos

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3 Fast Dry Cutting Technique Videos

Dry cutting has quickly evolved from an up-and-coming trend in the LA haircutting scene to a viral technique that is popping up all over Instagram (Pssst! ARC™ Scissors has a NEW dry cutting shear, the PARAGON II!). So put the spray bottle down and keep scrolling because below, we’re sharing three fast technique videos of an A-line bob, a textured lob transformation and a curly cut (plus a tip for each one!) that’ll take your dry cutting skills to the next level!

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1. Textured Lob Transformation 

Takeaway Tip: Invest in a dry cutting shear that’ll make your life easier. Chris Jones’ (@chrisjones_hair) new go-to is the ARC™ Scissors PARAGON II because it’s not as bulky as other dry cutters. “This shear allows me to do a pixie on one client then a full dry cut bob on the next,” he shares. “The weight is so balanced that I can literally use the same shear all day.”


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2. From Grown Out Pixie To Curly Bob

Takeaway Tip: Cut curly, wavy and textured hair when it’s dry and in its natural state, like Rachel Williams (@rachelwstylist) does in the video below using her ARC™ Scissors 6″ PHANTOM shear. Why? Not only does it make the most sense because she wears her hair that way BUT it also gives you a better visual of her curl pattern and how her strands naturally lay.


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3. Soft A-Line Bob

Takeaway Tip: To relieve some weight and create seamless movement, try block graduation. It’s a variation of internal layering that can be done with a high elevation of 180° and deep point cutting. Jump to 0:48 in the video to see how Buddy Porter (@buddywporter) does it using the ARC™ Scissors 6.5″ PARAGON Sword! 😉


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Ready to try these takeaway tips? Click here to purchase a pair of the NEW PARAGON II from ARC™ Scissors!


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