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Last updated: January 31, 2020

Textured Lob How-To + Shear Shattering Techniques

ARC Scissors How To Textured Bob and Shear Shattering Hair Cutting Techniques @styled_by_carolynn Facebook Live
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Watch: How To Cut A Textured Lob On Dry Hair
What do your bob and lob-lovin’ clients want to see? Soft 👏 texture 👏 That’s why BTC went live on Facebook with Carolynn Judd, aka @styled_by_carolynn on Insta, to break down her shear-shattering technique and other ways to create the trending cool-girl textured bob. What’s shear-shattering? It’s Carolynn’s signature dry-texturizing technique—similar to notching but removes less hair–that creates an effortless vibe. Watch the entire tutorial and peep her go-to ARC™ Scissors shears below!



This is the tool Carolynn uses for her signature shear-shattering technique! 👀 Tap HERE to check out the ARC™ Scissors Paragon II 6″.

Paragon II Scissors Shears ARC Scissors



Learn The Dry-Cutting Tips & Techniques Below!


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LOVE dry-cutting? Duh! Carolynn uses the ARC™ Scissors SYMMETRY 30/2 REVERSIBLE BLENDER to create a soft, textured look.



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