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Last updated: December 18, 2018

Twist-Cutting Bob Technique

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How-To: Sam Villa’s Twist-Cutting Technique For Bobs

When it comes to cutting bobs, don’t overcomplicate the process—and this twist-cutting trick from Sam Villa is just the technique to create the on-trend cut quickly and precisely. Plus, it looks super cool once it’s mastered! Here’s how it’s done.



Know This:

  • For a twist-cut bob, use dry-cutting shears. Why? Because they can cut through a massive amount of hair easily and quickly.
  • Perfecting the twist-cut bob takes practice—use a mannequin until you feel confident in the cut before attempting on a client.
  • The cut takes courage because it is done with one sweeping cut. Once the cut is started, you’re committed to it and must continue to cut all the way through.


Do This:  

1. Separate the hair from front to back and from the high point of the crown to the top of the ear on both sides.


2. Take the entire back section and comb it through so that there are no knots. If you’re right-handed, start the technique with your right hand. If you’re left-handed, start the technique with your left hand.


3. Know that where your hand is placed will be where the length is. With the right hand holding the entire back section, rotate it to the left so that your fingers are pointing directly to the center of the head.



4. Then, bring your left hand directly over your right hand, leaving no gap in between the hair. Let go with your right hand so that all the hair is in your left hand and twist the hair to the other side.



5. Comb through the hair so that it is clean and there are no knots. Then, take your dry-cutting shears and cut the hair making sure the line is very straight.



Pro Tip: Before releasing, understand that all of the right side is currently overdirected on the left and all of the left side is currently overdirected on the right. Remember that overdirection creates weight and length in the opposite direction.



6. Release the hair. The center will be shorter and the outside will be longer. 


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