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Last updated: October 03, 2017

A Sam Villa Updo, Plus Cutting Curls and Bobs

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These days, you have to be able to do it all—so cutting and styling are crucial to making that fresh color you just created even more stunning. Here are five cutting and styling tips from Redken Symposium 2017. 


1. The Inside Scoop On Cutting Curly


Curls can be a hard thing to master, but you DO need to master them. Here are a few takeaways we thought you should know:

  • Always ask your client this: “Do you want to control or encourage your curls?” Their answer will change your cutting and styling approach.
  • Always dry-cut curly hair! This will allow you to see the movement of the natural curl.
  • All curls are different. Just like clothes come in different fabrics, curls come in different textures, sizes and styles—you have to treat every curly client differently.
  • Curls are good for business! More than 50 percent of the world has curly or naturally textured hair, and it’s known that curly-haired girls will buy three times more product than girls with straight hair. Use this to your advantage!


Watch the video below for a curly cut in action!



2. Perfect Your Bobs with these Tips from Hugo Urias


For the perfect bob fringe, start at the cheekbone, and keep your fingering diagonal, then use the heel of your razor to cut to the length (not through the length!). Watch the clip below to see the cut and how this bob can become even more versatile.




3. Sam Villa’s Top Tips For Braids and Flyaways!



While at Symposium, we caught up with Sam Villa for an exclusive Facebook Live where he talked tips for 2-, 3- and 4-strand braids! (The video got more than 200,000 views on our Facebook page…so you know it’s GOLD!) Check it out.



Loving these tips? Check out our full recap article where we break it all down for you! 


4. Invisible Layers



This technique is for the girl who wants a major change…but doesn’t want to cut her hair. HA! We’ve all had this client—and this is the texturizing and layering trick to make her love her cut. 




5. Styling Trends from Rodney Cutler


We caught up with Rodney Cutler, a stylist known for his amazing work seen on some of the biggest runways at New York Fashion Week, and got his predictions on what trends are going to be big in 2017. They are:

  • Punk: This style gives you the chance to throw in some fun color or work on your undercuts. It’s meant for your edgier clients, but can be tweaked and interpreted for anyone who sits in your chair.
  • Surf: This look is going to be about embracing natural texture and keeping the authenticity in your client’s style. Rodney sees grown-out color, loose texture and effortless, understated cool hair as big go-tos.
  • Chic: According to Rodney, “Chic is always in.” You can expect a lot of chignons and requests for clean lines in your clients’ updos.


Rodney with BTC’s Christen backstage.

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