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Last updated: April 11, 2018

Cut An Asymmetrical Bob Without Diagonal Lines

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Eliminate the guessing factor when it comes to cutting asymmetrical bobs! Instead, Sam Villa has a tip that helps stylists maximize results and minimize effort. Here’s what we mean.  



Know This:

  • Asymmetry is a true diagonal line connecting the degree of shortness to the degree of length.
  • When cutting an asymmetrical bob, stylists sometimes play the diagonal guessing game—is this line too steep? Is it not steep enough? This is what you want to avoid. 




Do This:

  • Take a wide-tooth comb and slide it down the hair. As soon as you reach the guide, turn the comb horizontal and square to you (it should also be square to your client’s shoulders at this point), then cut a square, horizontal line. This will create the desired asymmetrical bob without guess-cutting a diagonal line. 



  • When you cut diagonal lines you can create inconsistency in the cut.
  • If there is any little gap, go back in and adjust. You now have the length established so you can connect the cut anywhere.



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