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Last updated: February 15, 2024

The Hottest Styling Trends Of Fall & Winter 2023

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Ashley Graham | Photo Credit: Instagram via @justinemarjan

Barbie Ponytails, Dramatic Side Parts & Bottleneck Fringe: Every Style That’s Trending This Fall & Winter

The end of 2023 is near and with it comes the holidays, a new year and plenty of opportunities for clients to try out new hair styling trends. So what do we expect to be on your clients’ inspo pics? ’90s blown-out bobs, ribbons, pin straight looks and braids galore. Take a look at the nine hair styles we think will reign supreme this fall and winter—plus tips to help you achieve each look!


1. ’90s-Inspired Blown-Out Bob

If there’s been one reoccurring trend reference this year—it’s the nineties. From nineties supermodel layers to the blown-out bob, the early aughts are back. The trending bob is inspired by Chrissy Turlington’s bouncy, voluminous cut thanks to its wearability, chicness and how flattering it is. It has a strong perimeter and bouncy bevel to instantly add volume, elongate the neck and make hair appear fuller. 


Are your clients craving a little chop and bounce? Click here to learn how to cut the ’90s blown-out bob!


Photo Credit: Instagram via @glencocoforhair


2. The Barbie Ponytail

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably noticed Barbie has been everywhere this year. From the second the “Barbie” trailer dropped, a cultural phenomenon ensued—and the hair industry was here for it. There are the Barbie hair products and tools, the highly-requested “Barbie Blonde” and of course, the Barbie ponytail. 


The iconic ponytail sits very high on top of the head, is perfectly swingy and has the signature swoop of hair across the face. Celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett (@brycescarlett) recreated the ponytail on Margot Robbie for the “Barbie” premiere back in July and you can learn how to do it here!


Photo Credit: Instagram via @brycescarlett


3. Extra Long & Pin Straight

Cher, Morticia Addams or Marsha Brady—whoever your muse, you can look to these three ladies for inspo for the season’s next big hair trend. The look is extra long, extra straight and extra shiny. Some takes on the trend include face-framing layers as well as incorporating extensions to get that added length.


Help your clients get the look:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @khloekardashian, @justinemarjan


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4. Dramatic Side Part 

Millennials—rejoice! The side part is back and it’s deeper and more dramatic than ever! And while a person’s hair part shouldn’t be reduced to a trend—there was a moment where middle parts were king (or so says viral Gen Z TikToks). We first saw the look resurface on the red carpet while snatching low updos and ponytails, and now we’re seeing it creep back into everyday styles. 


“The days of the middle part versus side part drama are over,” according to Justin Toves-Vincilione (@ahappyjustin). Dramatic side parts are smooth, snatched and can adorn basically any style. “This look will complement half-up, half-down styles, high ponytails, glam waves and pretty much any other Instagrammable hairstyle,” Justin explained.


See some snatched side parts here:

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @lacyredway


5. Heavy Bottleneck Pinched Fringe

Bottleneck fringe is here and it’s exactly what you’d expect—a blend between full and grown-out fringe, with shorter, fuller bangs in the center and the grown-out pieces falling to the sides.


This style is flattering for all face shapes and lends nicely to bobs and lobs. The key is to not leave the bangs too long or blend the ends too much. Taking the pinch plunge? Read this fringe-cutting guide first. 


Photo Credit: Instagram via @brianacisneros


6. Pam Anderson Piecey Updos  

The next ’90s-inspired trend on our list? Pam Anderson’s signature updo. The messy, voluminous style features a piecey French twist with curls framing the face and nape of the neck and has been worn by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Cardi B to influencers on our feeds. And as gorgeous as the updo is, it’s just as easy to recreate for any hair type. 


Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) recreated the look on Kim Kardashian for the 2023 Met Gala—click here for a step-by-step tutorial!


Photo Credit: Instagram via @pamelaanderson


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7. Braided Ponytails 

While the ponytail will never go out of style, different variations of the look come and go. This season, we’re seeing braided ponytails take over. At the spring 2024 LaPointe show, sessions stylist Joey George (@joeygeorge) created what he calls the “Power Pony” which features a slicked back pony and multiple braids in one. We expect to see different takes on this look become a beloved look over the next few months.


See more takes on braided ponytails here:

Backstage NYFW at LaPointe by @joeygeorge


8. Bows & Ribbons 

Lately we’ve seen different forms of bows and ribbons pop up in hairstyles everywhere from New York Fashion Week to red carpet events to our TikTok feeds. But they’re not the kind from your childhood—instead of perfect bows, ribbons of different lengths, materials and jagged edges are adorning styles everywhere. Click here to learn how to style a ribbon like celebrity hairstylist Irinel De Leon (@hairinel) did for Karlie Kloss.


Backstage at NYFW, Alice + Olivia


9. Sleek & Snatched 

The reign of beachy waves and tousled curls has paused for the return of super sleek, straight hair. Celebs from Kelly Rowland to Khloe Kardashian have taken part in the trend because it works on any and all lengths! You can create a sleek canvas of hair for your clients using this smoothing treatment.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @kahhspence


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