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Last updated: October 22, 2023

Turning Buzzwords Into Money: Why Hair “Trends” Are Important To Acknowledge

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What Hair “Trends” Really Mean & Why They’re So Profitable

We get it, a Mocha-chocolate-glazed-donut-vanilla-ombré is a lived-in balayage BUT to clients, it’s a new appointment to book!


Cowboy copper, expensive brunette, the ’90s bob (the list goes on) are not new. In the vain of consumerism, clients will grasp onto anything that feels unique and on-trend. This excitement benefits stylists greatly, and although there’s a lot of debate via IG comments, social media is literally remarketing your services for you. Keep scrolling for advice on how rebranding services will do nothing but put money into your pocket.


1. Hair Trend Names Get Paying Clients Excited About Appointments 

More times than not, when a hair trend goes viral you will already know a technique or the color theory to make it happen (and if you don’t, how cool that you can learn something new from your phone.) SO, why not remarket your already-used services into the fresh content your clients want to pay for?


There’s a reason millions of views and shares are poured into trending beauty names—clients want it! Not playing into some of these trends that align with your service menu can quickly box you out of understanding your clients. Remember the stylist who didn’t understand a beach wave and gave your friend ringlets for prom? Don’t be them… 


Here are a few examples of bridging client requests with your service menu:

  • Have an inspired client contemplating going red? Try a Modern Auburn formula. 
  • Is your TikTok-obsessed client dying for an edgy haircut? Odds are, they’ll ask for The Wolf Cut
  • Did you have a bunch of clients requesting “Curtain Bangs” last year? Surprise, you already know the fundamentals!
  • The Butterfly Cut is a classic volume layer cut, but for clients, it’s the It-Girl look of the season. 


Other trend names you’ll hear & the explanation to what they really mean:


2. We’re On Your Side, But We Want You To Make MORE Money

We’re not asking you to throw a new color on your offerings every month, but encouraging you to lean into the creative part of our industry and earn as much money as possible each season. To give you a head start, take a look at our 2023 Trend Report for the biggest hair color, haircutting and styling trends that you can start to familiarize yourself with. 


Start small, choose two to three in each category that aligns with your service menu and try new formulas, techniques or fun IG posts revolving around that trend. 


3. Here’s What Pro Educators & Celebrity Stylists Have To Say About Trend Names

1. Haircutting educator and bob expert Ray Hornback (@rayvoltagebeauty) shares to his 126K Instagram followers that, “I agree, all the memes making fun of all these new names for haircuts are funny,” Ray begins. “But, the cool thing that happens is that these names are just bringing these haircuts to life in a new way. It gets clients actually asking about them!”

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2. If you’ve been on IG at all the past couple of years, you know Justin Toves-Vinvilione (@ahappyjustin) for his viral “The Butterfly Haircut” education. Leaning into just one trend name and putting out education, tips and fun content landed Justin on stages across the country, cutting courses on BTC University, brand partnerships and more. 


“To all of my clients; whether you’re new, an OG, local or you travel for me, please know that it’s ALWAYS a safe space to ask for whatever haircut or hair color you want to,” Justin shares via IG. 



3. It doesn’t get more chic than the IGK Salons crew, from Miami to New York City, the celebrity stylists and expert colorists constantly lean into on-trend looks and verbiage via socials. The “I” in “IGK” Franck Izquierdo (@franckhair) shares “FRENCH LAYERS” as a caption on a recent IG post, describing his stunning client’s contoured haircut. If the celeb stylists are doing it, don’t you think you can try, too?



Miami-based colorist Julianne Paris Empey (@julianneparis) from IGK Salons shares a beautiful Cowboy copper client transformation. Something as simple as tagging a trend name in an IG caption can open a conversation platform for current, potential or previous clients to book with you! 


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Whatever you choose to do regarding hair trend names is personal to you and your business. For those who enjoy learning in and offering experiences for their clients, keep it up! And for anyone who is weary to try, find something that speaks to you and run with it. You never know what doors it could open.