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Last updated: May 09, 2018

Texture Quickie For Men

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Creating an awesome men’s cut is one thing, explaining how your client can style it when they leave your chair is another—and a great stylist should always do both. We grabbed a few tips from Krystle Sierras, an artistic team member at Sport Clips, to help break down the biggies when it comes to styling men. 


Section Off The Top
Men today want texture on top with tight fades on the sides and in the back. To achieve this, section off the top working area. Krystle says, “Always get the top out of the way first to focus on the sides and back. Get it really tight and then when you’re done, unclip the top and point-cut to blend it all together.”


For this look, Krystle point-cut the top section to blend any disconnect and to create texture.



Talk Time and Be Straightforward
“You can say whatever you want, but if you start with, ‘This will only take five minutes’ and then you tell them what to do and how to do it, they’ll be much more inclined to try it on their own.” Krystle says.


Give a Reason Why
“Remember that most men need a reason to do anything in life,” says Krystle. “But, if they’re not the type to ask for directions, you can bet they won’t ask how to style their hair—that’s where you come in.” Go above just styling them, explain what you’re doing and why. For building texture on top, try explaining it to your client like this:  


1. First, towel-dry the hair, and then add a small amount of product (in this case, use Sexy Hair Blow It Up). Remember a little product goes a long way.

2. Apply the product from back to front and work it through the hair.

3. If your client uses a dryer, they can choose to dry the roots quickly to create even more volume. If not, they can let the style air-dry.

4. After blow-drying the roots, apply the Style Sexy Hair Frenzy Matte Texturizing Paste from back to front to finish the textured look.


Watch the video below to see the texture quickie. 


Always Have Go-To Products


And finally, you need your go-to products, and you need to be able to explain their value. Here are three Krystle swears by: 

  • Sexy Hair Blow It Up: If you’re looking for something to expand the cuticle instantly, this is it, says Krystle. Plus, it works if you blow-dry it in or let the hair air-dry.
  • Style Sexy Hair Frenzy Matte Texturizing Paste: For texture and a matte finish, this product can make it happen. It’s ideal for clients that have longer length up top.
  • Sexy Hair Style Spray Clay: It’s the guy-friendly version of Frenzy. According to Krystle, “it’s like paste in a bottle” and it’s perfect for guys who don’t really want to get their hands dirty, but still want a textured finish.


Want to learn more about Sport Clips? We thought you would! Click here to get more info on the company and all the education you receive as a stylist on the team. 

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