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Last updated: October 27, 2017

Steph Brinkerhoff Saves Us From 5 Bridal 911s

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Is the bride blessed with abundant hair? Elastics are your best friend!


Some weddings run as smoothly as a satin train. The bridal party arrives on time, with perfect hair, big smiles and completely sober. They love their dresses, you, each other. Your chignons and Boho braids manifest effortlessly and stay put. They take your suggestions and directions like angelic lambs, and they marvel at your skill and artistry.


And then there are the OTHER weddings. Tardy brides, unruly textures and of course, tears. These are the times that truly test your patience, your talent and your sanity. OK, nobody panic. Here are five indispensable saves from BTC Bridal and Upstyle Expert Stephanie Brinkerhoff, just in time for the spring wedding season!


Spray, iron, blow dryer, pins—always carry spares in case of emergencies!


Save #1. If she’s late…
Traffic left her stalled on the freeway for an hour. Now you have to figure out how to get her to the church on time! “If the clock is running down, don’t waste time on the base and the back,” advises Steph. “If necessary, just braid it and pin it up. Focus on the top and the front—that’s what she’ll see in the photographs. Also, to add texture quickly, twist or braid the hair and then pull on it to loosen it.”


Running out of time?! Braid it and pin it up!


Save #2. If she’s insisting on a style that is clearly unflattering…
She has her heart set on a shape that you know will add 20 pounds and make her hate her wedding photos for eternity. “If she’s showing you a photo, take it as your cue to explain how her face shape or hair type is different,” says Steph. “I often say something like, ‘This hair is very curly, but yours is completely straight so I won’t be able to recreate the texture you like.’ Another way to dissuade her, and I use this all the time, is to say, ‘Sometimes this type of hairstyle doesn’t photograph well—it looks harsh. So we’ll do something similar, but change it up so it photographs better!’”



Save #3. If she has more hair than Rapunzel…
Long, thick and glossy is great for a shampoo commercial. But when you’re trying to get a bride and four bridesmaids done in a timely fashion, it’s your worst nightmare. “I hardly ever use elastics when I do updos,” Steph reveals, “but when someone has a ton of hair, I always start with an elastic to help hide some of the bulk. Another trick? Before you start curling and pinning, take a section in the center back of the head, wrap it up and pin it to the head. This instantly gets rid of an entire section, plus it gives you an anchor for bobby pins for the rest of the style.”


Texturizing powder at the roots will provide an instant boost!


Save #4. If the poor thing was absent the day the Lord was passing out hair…
Fine, thin hair is a trial in any circumstance. On a wedding day, when a bride wants her locks to look the best they’ll ever look in her entire life, it’s time to pull out all your tricks! “Texturizing powder at the roots will be your best friend if the client’s hair is fine,” says Steph. “It will boost the base instantly. Also, create your curls with a wand instead of a flat iron or a curling iron. Of the three, curling wands produce the most volume. And above all, avoid any products that are heavy. They will make thin hair look even thinner and super stringy.”


Save #5. If you’ve left behind a styling essential…

Ruh roh. You’re on location and you’ve forgotten your blow dryer, curling iron, pins, hairspray or other must-have items! There’s only one answer to this one, says Steph. Always keep backups on hand! “I’ve had many times when my hair spray nozzle is faulty or my flat iron stops working,” she reveals. “I always keep extras in my car and I’m so grateful I do. Without them, I wouldn’t have known what to do!”


If her hair is on the fine side, use a curling wand rather than a curling iron or flat iron.

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