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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Quickie: Cutting The Baseline For Angled Bobs

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Instagram via @myguiltycrown

Angled Bobs: 3 Tips For Cutting The Baseline

Having trouble with angled bobs? Is one side falling shorter than the other? We’ve got you. Don’t forget this ✂️ mantra: Your guide is the roadmap for the rest of the haircut! That’s why we’re sharing three bob tips and a viral quickie video (with over 1.6 MILLION VIEWS!) from Gilad Goldstein, aka @myguiltycrown on Instagram, so you can cut that razor-sharp baseline with confidence every time! Scroll for it all.


Get Gilad’s fave tool for cutting the baseline—the PHANTOM II 6″ by ARC™ Scissors! TAP HERE to get yours.


Watch The Quickie Video Below


Get The Tips:

  • Use a single point of overdirection in the center-back to create a consistent increase in length of hair on both sides.
  • Cut the perimeter edge with a wide tooth comb for low tension.
  • No elevation or overdirection will create a razor sharp baseline every time. Gilad uses the PHANTOM II 6″ by ARC™ Scissors! because its aggressive blade angles help for smooth, razor-sharp cutting.


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