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Last updated: September 24, 2021

Gray Coverage In 10 Minutes? Try This!

Get Clients In & Out With This Gray Coverage Service!

Gray coverage might not be as exciting as the latest balayage technique, but what if you could speed up the process and make more money? Joico Global Brand Education Expert Ricardo Santiago (@stylistricardosantiago) demoed how to do just that using the new Joico LUMI10™ color. Keep scrolling to get his application tips and learn how you can charge more in the salon! Grab the formulas and before and afters below, then watch the video above for the full tutorial!


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Check Out The Before & After!

close formula


Gray Coverage Is Steady income

Specializing in different color techniques is exciting and helps you grow as an artist, but keeping your books full with gray coverage clients will keep the lights on while your big ticket balayage clients aren’t in your chair. The average gray coverage client comes in every three to six weeks, so that’s guaranteed steady income every month.


Here’s How LUMI10™ Works

Classic Joico LumiShine™ haircolor needs to process between 35 to 40 minutes with 20-volume developer. What makes LUMI10™ different is that it processes in 10 minutes with its own accelerator. So you’re saving at least 30 minutes on every gray coverage client. 


Pro Tip: In most cases, Ricardo would apply LUMI10™ to dry hair, but it can be applied wet like in the video above. This allows you to work quicker and apply color directly at the shampoo bowl if your client is getting highlights or balayage, too.


Here’s A Close Up Of LUMI10™’s Gray Coverage!

close formula



Joico LUMI10™ 3N + Accelerator


If Your Client Has A Lot Of Hair, Don’t Use One Formula

LUMI10™ processes quickly, so if you can’t apply color in under 15 minutes, Ricardo suggests using two gray coverage formulas (one lighter and one a shade darker) versus one for an even application. Here’s how it works:


  • First, apply the lighter formula to the hair, whether starting in the front or back.


  • Then, move to the darker formula as you continue through the hair.


  • Staggering the formulas saves time when applying to clients with thick hair, because using one formula allows one part to process more than another resulting in uneven haircolor.


Price As A Specialty Service

Just because you’re saving time, doesn’t mean you have to charge your client less. The client will pay if the service is framed as a convenience to them. Give the client the choice of the usual gray coverage service or the faster 10 minute application, but with a $5-$10 dollar convenience fee added on. They’ll go with the new service to save them time.


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