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Last updated: May 09, 2023

4 Hacks For Copper Balayage (That Actually Lasts!)

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4 Tips From @chadkenyon For Maintaining Copper Balayage

See you later cool shades and ashy tones! Everyone is turning up the heat with coppery summer glow-ups. Warm red tones are having a major moment—but all this love doesn’t make it any easier to keep these bold colors vibrant.


BTC University tapped balayage specialist and Olaplex ambassador Chad Kenyon (@chadkenyon)  to create the perfect summer copper—and share his copper loving tricks on how to preserve it.

Before Chad’s coppery Olaplex treatment.


1. Make generous use of Olaplex No.1

Chad uses Olaplex No.1 in every one of his formulas, whether that be lightener, gloss, permanent color or for gray coverage. Here’s why:

  • Olaplex No.1 heals from within by rebuilding the disulfide bonds that hold the protein structures of the hair together–giving copper tones a longer lifespan by protecting them
  • It will turn any formula into a superior blend
  • This keeps clients coming back because they’re so in love with their healthy hair


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2. Swap solid color for balayage

Because red fades so fast, it can easily leave the entire head looking washed out. You can combat this by opting for a balayage over a solid color or even basic highlights. By starting with a foundational balayage that can stand on its own, you can set up your client for a fashionable look even after their red fades.


Pro Tip: The “color melt” technique that Chad uses is also phenomenal for blending lines of demarcation left behind by previous dye jobs. 




3. Cancel existing brassiness before adding warmth

While we definitely are into these warm reds, we are NOT about brassiness. Chad recommends cancelling brassiness by:

  • Targeting brassy areas when lightening and diffusing so the lightener can push through
  • Adding desirable warmth with glossing and toning later on

Doing this will give your new reds a fresh canvas and help keep them as vibrant as possible for the longest amount of time.



4. Plan for a touch-up

The tried and true way to keep color looking fresh is to make plans for a touch-up. Chad advises coming in about six to eight weeks after the initial color for a re-gloss and stand-alone Olaplex treatment. This process will:

  • Strengthen the locks
  • Rebuild disulfide bonds
  • Work the bright copper we know and love back into the hair
  • Prepare and keep the hair strong for an eventual balayage touch-up


After Chad’s color treatment.


For all of Chad’s in-the-know tips for the perfect summer-y copper balayage, check out his course at BTC University!


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