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Last updated: July 10, 2018

Davines World Wide Hair Tour 2018

Here's everything that went down in Parma, Italy.

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Your Complete Guide To The 2018 World Wide Hair Tour

Straight from Parma, Italy, home of the Davines Group’s new Davines Village headquarters, BTC had front-row seats at the World Wide Hair Tour 2018! With 3,500 attendees from 51 countries (and 47 languages!), the WWHT represented hairdressers from across the planet. Keep scrolling for literally everything you need to know about the event: the looks, the World Style Contest and a slideshow of photos from Davines Artistic Director Angelo Seminara!


Living the mindset of sustainable beauty, the event space was packed with live plants. On the final day, attendees each received a plant to carry to the Davines Village, where they added the plants to the gardens.


The show’s first night began with a Welcome Dinner of Parma’s finest foods and wine, an incredible performance from a local choir and a marathon of runway shows. It featured international stylists showing the latest trends, with the Davines Artistic Team: Anna Pacitto, Candice McKay, Huub Eysink, James Abu-Ulba, Jani Beemster, Jesus Oliver, Sal Misseri and Vincent Moutault, plus a heartwarming appearance by Davines founders Silvana and Gianni Bollati. Click through the slideshow for photos!


Davines President Davide Bollati onstage with his parents, Davines founders Silvana and Gianni Bollati, flanked by their grandchildren.


British education team Alillon, World Style Contest 2016 winner Maggie Semaan and Danish artists Brian Suhr and Kirsten Demant showcased presentations on Day 2. Rounding out the day was Artistic Director of Davines Angelo Seminara, four-time British Hairdresser of the Year award-winner, who gave an exclusive peek at a new project he is working on, during which no photos or videos were allowed (but stay tuned!).


Johnny Othona of Allilon Education on Day 2 of WWHT.


Day 2 also saw the culmination and winners of the World Style Contest, where 20 finalists had 45 minutes ontstage to finish their looks. It was a true inspiration to see these artists showcase their talents in front of a live audience. The 20 finalists were:


Alessandra Pucci – Italy Konovalova Ekaterina – Russia
Alessandra Albanese – Italy Anica Iordache – Canada
Edoardo Seghi – France Magen Sabo – USA
Jesus Luna – Mexico Elmar Langutan – Philippines
Annie Ankervik – Sweden Careylee Partridge – South Africa
Cindy Gorman – South Africa Anna Szeszula – Poland
Natalie Van de Ven – Netherlands Olia Moskaliuk – Ukraine
Anna Carter – UK Sofia Geideby – Sweden
Stephanie Schewe – Canada Dawid Mazerski – Poland
Isabelle Lachance – Canada  Kinga Francuz – Poland


Click through the slideshow to see the winners!


Photo via @annie.ankervik.


The final day began with Tim Hartley’s presentation, who was with Vidal Sassoon for 35 years, much of that time as International Creative Director. Scroll through to see the bold cuts and colors from Tim’s presentation.



Finally, Angelo took the stage again for another extraordinary presentation. Click through to see his stunning work. 



At the end of the day, attendees took flowers and plants from the event center back to the Davines Village, where they planted the flowers on the grounds of the village and enjoyed a garden party to wrap up the show! It was the perfect way to unwind and reflect on our time spent together in Parma, surrounded by fellow attendees, nature and inspiration. 


Photo via @dbollati.

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