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Last updated: December 27, 2019

AirTouch: 4 Tips To Master The Blonding Technique

AirTouch Blow Dry Technique Foils Blonde Danilo Bozic Tips Video How To
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AirTouch Blow Dry & Foil Technique—Here’s What You Need To Know!
By now, you’ve seen the AirTouch technique on Instagram…if not, here’s a recap: Russian colorist Vladimir Sarbashev (@sarbashevvladimir) created a blow dry and foil method that achieves consistent blonde blends with easier touch-up applications. This viral, blonde bombshell-approved technique is changing the color game, so we invited AirTouch specialist Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic) over to show us how it’s done on BTC’s Mary Rector-Gable! Watch the IGTV video for a full breakdown, then scroll through for tips to master the blonding technique—get it all below!

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Watch The IGTV Video For The Full Technique Breakdown

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1. Control Brightness With The Blow Dry
Adjust how much hair you blow-dry out of the section based on how light you want the end result to be. For a darker result, push more hair out at the root so less hair is in the foil. For a brighter blonde, push less hair out of the section so more hair is left in the foil.


In the video above (on BTC’s Mary!), Danilo separated each section evenly because her hair was prelightened. Watch the video and keep scrollin’ to see the finished color!



2. Achieve Consistent Results
Clean, thin sections and dryer placement are critical to creating an even AirTouch blend. Danilo always combs through each section with a fine tooth comb before directing cool airflow directly to the root to keep the technique consistent.


“The Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer Professional Edition is ideal for this technique because the wide nozzle helps me with clean sections and precision,” dishes Danilo. “With AirTouch, the dryer is going to be in your hands a lot and the typical application lasts 1.5 hours—it’s light, comfortable and feels perfectly balanced in my hand.”


AirTouch Blow Dry Technique Foils Blonde Danilo Bozic Tips Video How To
Instagram via danilo.bozic


3. Easier Touch-Ups
Virgin baby hairs and naturally shorter pieces are always there. If you repeat the same pattern and work in the same-sized sections, blow-drying at the root will always push the same pieces away to expose the regrowth and apply a touch-up. This makes it easier and faster than backcombed highlights, which are hard to consistently recreate. 


4. Saturation Dryer Trick
“The technique only works on an even, sleek canvas,” shares Danilo. Prepping the hair with a clarifying shampoo or treatment and blow-drying the hair straight will make it easier to achieve even saturation during AirTouch. This will allow the lightener to more easily penetrate the hair for an even lift, especially when working in thin sections.


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