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Last updated: September 14, 2021

A Health Scan…For Your Hair!?

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Full Hair Health Analysis In Just Three Clicks?

This takes understanding hair health to a whole new level—a complete breakdown of hair damage with product recommendations? We must be dreaming… 


SalonLab is a new tool from Schwarzkopf Professional that uses infrared technology to scan the hair and look inside of the hair strands to asses what specific treatment a client needs. 


Stylist Benefits:

  • Better explain what’s going on inside your client’s hair—not just the surface
  • Create hyper-personalized at-home treatments created specifically for your client
  • Set goals and create understanding for clients wanting a big hair change
  • Track progress and share personalized information with clients about their own hair


How To Use A Hair Scanner

  1. Use the SalonLab questionnaire to fill out basic info like hair type, routine maintenance, hair goals, concerns, etc.
  2. Scan the hair on the right side, left side and middle of the head focusing on the mid shaft 
  3. Receive an in-depth review of the hair cuticle and score based on oxidative damage
  4. Review personal recommendations for in-salon and home care for your clients


Photo via Schwarzkopf Professional


Watch a demo here!

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See the entire line of customized in-salon and home care using SalonLab: Click HERE!


Check Hair Health Before Starting A Service

It’s nice to visually asses what a client’s hair is lacking, but it’s a game changer to understand what the hair is craving beyond the surface.


Blonding specialist Kathy Nunez (@kathynunezhair) uses SalonLab on her client as a hair health assessment before deciding if anything should be adjusted or avoided before starting a service.


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Recommend Specific Products

BTC Team Member Adina Pignatare (@adina_pignatare) demos below how she was able to pinpoint the exact deficiencies in her client’s hair to supplement previous damage and avoid further concerns.


Adina tailored her client’s service by adding Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix FORTIFY and TAME Boosters into the Fibre Clinix TriBond Masque for a specialized post-color treatment. SalonLab recommended the boosters after analyzing that the hair was over processed and coarse, letting Adina create an in-salon treatment and an easy recommendation for continued at-home care! 


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Hold Your Clients Accountable

All your hard work should not go to waste! It can be difficult to explain to a client that their hair cannot handle a service they are requesting yet—but showing them can help.


Reviewing your client’s hair analysis with them is a great way to plan for the next big hair change. Sending a client home with personalized info or treatment plans can help them understand the efforts they take at home play a role in determining when their transformation appointments can begin.


For more info on how to get SalonLab in your own salon, DM Schwarzkopf Professional directly @schwarzkopfusa or visit

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