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Last updated: October 11, 2017

Faster Color Processing = More Money!

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Got a need for speed? Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA COLOR10 has you covered, producing beautiful color results, perfect coverage and outstanding care—all with just a 10 minute processing time! High-performance color pigments and amino acids combine to form an Amino Acid Carrier, which allows the color pigments to penetrate FASTER into the hair. The result? A shorter, more gentle color process! Best of all, this service is perfect for clients without a lot of time. Use IGORA COLOR10 to help boost your business by giving you the opportunity to offer fast services that save on time, attracting more clients to your chairs, while putting more green in your pocket.

Bold Colors
Looking for a blend worthy of your fashion-forward clientele? Deep shades of plum, merlot and cherry combine to create the ultimate triple berry blend. Check out the how-to!

The Perfect Blend
This blending how-to is ideal for men looking for a more natural way to hide the salt and pepper. This decadent brown will give him just the right amount of confidence to play up his hot physique! See how it’s done!

 “Everyone is busy. All women want to look great and have amazing hair, but most don’t want to be in the salon for hours. IGORA COLOR10 is empathy for your clients and their needs,” says Rossa Jurenas, Schwarzkopf Professional North American Color Director.

Consider offering the following time-saving services to your menu: Rapid Retouch, a must-have maintenance service; Color Refresh, a fast and easy way to refresh your client’s base with an all-over application or customize your clients by adding a few slices of an accent color; Full Head Application, an ideal service for men (especially IGORA COLOR10 -12 shades) or women with shorter styles; Partial Color Design & Partial Highlighting, a speedy service to spice up and create personalized color designs; Lunch Time Color, color done in less time than it takes to pick up lunch; Mini Retouch, perfect for budget-strained clients, use this service to retouch around the hairline and partline; Upgrade, transform “haircut only” clients to makeover clients in 10 minutes.

“It’s perfect for lowlights because of the quick processing time and the delicate balance of lightening and depositing at once. It makes for extreme convenience. I love to use 7-12 with 3% (10-volume) for a cool lowlight. If I want to add warmth and/or reduce ashy tones, 5-5 and 6-4 are my favorite shades,” shares Amber Dawn, Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador & Celebrity Hairstylist.


Talking Money
Although this service is quick, that does not make is any less valuable. Be sure to explain to your clients that, as a colorist you put the same effort into the application as you would with any other color service. IGORA COLOR10 is a premium formula which means you could actually charge more for the convenience as you would with any other express service. So don’t downplay your work, make sure you’re making what you deserve.

“My favorite shades are 7-12, 7-0, 5-12 and 5-0 to base break hair, Level 1-5 in 10 minutes. It’s easier to break the base on Level 7 and up, but dark hair foils are hard because the hair will turn a ratchet skank orange,” notes Guy Tang, Celebrity Hair Artist & Color Educator.

Guy’s Go-To Tips
If a client comes in with natural Level 2 at the regrowth and 3 inches of Level 6 grown out color of 6 ash from your previous color service, use 7-12 6% (20-volume) or even 9% (30-volume) if the hair is coarse.

2. You can break the base while blending in stripey highlights simultaneously at the regrowth area.


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