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Last updated: June 13, 2018

3 Techniques To Make Your Styles A Little Edgier

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amika’s Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond took #thebtcshow stage for the very first time and it was cool, fun and all about the hot styling tips. The Brooklyn-based braiding master brought amika guest artist Edward Lampley along with her and together they shared three techniques that will make your styles a little bit edgier. Check ’em out!


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The Knot Braid
Calling all novice braiders! This one’s for you. The knot braid, or what Naeemah calls a no-brainer braid, is perfect for novice braiders or stylists who struggle with cornrows or Dutch braids. Saturate the root with amika Haute Mess Texture Gel then start by taking two sections and make a knot. Add hair to each side, then make another knot. Keeping the braid tight, continue this pattern until you get about half through the section. Double knot the end, then secure with a hair tie. Get the full how-to!





Naeemah’s Go-To Texture Trick
Besides braids, Naeemah is known for creating super volumized and textured hair. Her go-to texture technique? A tailcomb set! Take two metal tailcombs and act as if it’s your curling iron. Then, take a section of hair and wrap it around the two combs. Start at the bottom to lock the curl in, then move your styler up the tailcomb set. Let the hair cool, then unravel from the tailcombs for instant texture! Finish with amika Headstrong Hairspray.




Edward’s Unconventional Sewing Technique
Leave your hair pins on your station and grab a (blunted yarn) needle and thread instead. From bridal styles and girls night out to special events and photoshoots, Edward’s sewing technique is a fun and edgy way to secure your styles without the need for an insane amount of pins. Just like with clothing, sew random sections of hair in and out of your updo to lock the style in place.


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