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Last updated: September 18, 2018

3 Techniques To Master ’70s High-Volume Curls

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3 Texture-Building Techniques + 1 Cool Blonde Tip

High volume, high texture and high energy are always the vibes of amika’s stage presentations at THE BTC SHOW—and this year was no different. Naeemah LaFond (@naeemahlafond) rocked the stage with high-speed braiding, a ’70s-inspired texture-building demo and groovy models. Naeemah collaborated with BTC Team Member Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn) for a colorful show serving cool-girl realness.


That’s why we’re breaking down exactly how to achieve Naeemah’s high-volume curls, so check out three different techniques below. Then snag a quick and cool blonde tip from Megan! 

Products Used


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Technique 1: Building Foundational Flat-Wrap Curls 

Every high-volume style Naeemah creates starts with a strong foundation, and here’s the exact flat-wrap technique she uses to build all-over base curls. 



Get The Steps

    1. Prep each section with amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray—a heat-activated product that fights against frizz for over 24 hours.
    2. Direct an amika The Chameleon 19mm Curler downward vertically and take a section of hair, flat-wrapping on top of the iron and twisting it under. Repeat this pattern working down the complete section.
    3. Then wrap the ends completely around the iron, hold and let if fall into your hand. Allow to cool and release.
    4. Finish with amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray for lightweight hold and flexible foundation building.


Technique 2: Bottom Layer Backbrush 

You’ve completed a full head of base curls, so now what? It’s time to build the volume on the bottom layer. Watch and learn exactly how Naeemah does it below. 



Get The Steps

    1. Starting on one side of the head and working on the bottom layer ONLY, take a large section and gently brush out the curl using a detangling brush.
    2. Starting at the roots, move under each wave and backbrush toward the base.
    3. Continue and work down the section toward the ends.
    4. Then, apply amika Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray for a strong freeze-hold to build the foundational volume needed to achieve this look.


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Technique 3: Volume-Building Backcomb

Get your tail comb ready to make some ’70s magic! Here’s how Naeemah builds that high-volume texture from the bottom to top for an all-around volume boost. 



Get The Steps

    1. Starting at the roots, move under each wave and backcomb toward the base.
    2. Continue and work down the section toward the ends.
    3. Then, apply amika headstrong intense hold hairspray for a strong freeze-hold for long-lasting volume and extreme texture.


Pro Tip: After completing a section, hold the hair up and apply the hairspray to the bottom (fighting gravity) and then over the top of the section.


Finished Look


What About The Amaze Color?! Pre-Tone For A Cool Canvas.

What really makes this look POP is the peach-infused blonde that is perfectly accentuated by Naeemah’s highly-textured and expanded style. #ONESHOT Big Shot Color Shot of the Year Winner Megan Schipani took the BTC SHOW stage to break down how she slayed this haircolor.


The KEY to achieving this look was pre-toning to take this model’s Level 5 hair to a bright blonde and rosy color WITHOUT high brass. That’s why Megan recommends pre-toning with amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo and Violet Leave-In Treatment Foam. The foam’s no-rinse conditioning treatment nourishes hair and removes unwanted brassy tones.


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