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December 4, 2013

Pravana NEVO Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment

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Is the chilly season giving your client’s hair the blues? You can now say goodbye to winter hair woes thanks to Pravana’s NEVO Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment. This all-inclusive formula combines powerful hydrating ingredients and natural proteins to deliver complete hair-perfecting results that will combat the cold. Not only does Intense Therapy Leave-In help lock in color and soothe the scalp, it also softens, detangles and provides deep hydration without weighing hair down.

Reformulated to be 100% vegan, gluten-free and housed in 100% biodegradable packaging—the NEVO Intense line continues to provide the highest quality personal care and performance as the original.

After towel-drying hair, shake mixture well until it has a uniform color. Spray Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment onto damp hair until perfectly moisturized. Do not rinse. Style as desired.

12 Benefits for Perfect Hair
1. Instantly detangle
2. Provide deep hydration
3. Equalize hair porosity
4. Protect during thermal styling
5. Help repair split ends
6. Protect hair color
7. Give hair shine
8. Eliminate effects of static electricity
9. Soothe irritated skin
10. Effective pre-color treatment
11. Lessen effects of chlorine
12. Hair cutting lotion for salon stylists

For more information visit, www.pravana.com

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Pravana NEVO Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment

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