Last updated: January 23, 2018


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Goldwell Topchic® Permanent Hair Color has always provided on-trend, cutting-edge results. Now, the old favorite is even better! Developed through countless applications and protected by more than 60 patents, the reinvented technology behind Topchic® delivers superior gray coverage and ensures flawless, even color, revealing the brilliance of every shade.


The innovative Intelligent Color System delivers the exact benefits needed to achieve optimal color results for each client, from repairing damage to equalizing porosity. The individualized approach means that each hair type receives the precise treatment it requires for color perfection with every application. Key customized benefits include:

  • 100 Percent Gray Coverage: The Dye Penetration System delivers reliable 100 percent gray coverage with complete variety (included in all shades exclusively formulated for grey hair)


  • Ultimate Color Durabilty: Cool Protect Technology® delivers ultimate color stability, preventing off-tone fadage in a warm direction (included in all cool brown and cool blonde shades)


  • Optimal Gentleness: Patented Coenzyme Technology fortifies the outer hair structure to protect strands from damage and neutralizes free radicals to foster extraordinary color tonality


  • Excellent Eveness: Equalizer System 2.0 employs equalizer polymers to smooth the cuticle and equalize structural differences from root to tip.


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