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Last updated: July 26, 2004

The Maxi Peel Facial from Vasseur Skincare

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The Maxi Peel Facial from Vasseur Skincare

The Maxi Peel Facial is excellent to treat many common issues with the skin, including discoloration, fine lines and acne.  It helps with any pigmentation, reduces the size of pores, evens out the complexion and exfoliates the skin.  View the steps by clicking on the individual images.  Check out Beauty Tips from Vasseur Skincare.


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    The skin-focused esthetician sits down with the client to go through a questionnaire about the individual’s skin type to determine problem-areas, ensure that the individual is a good candidate for and best customize treatment to the direct needs of the individual.  Lactic and glycolic acid is used in the Maxi Peel Facial.

    First, a papaya enzyme is smoothed onto the skin.  The face is steeped with steam for seven to 10 minutes to allow the enzyme to work into the skin.

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    During this period the client receives a soothing hand massage.

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    Eye pads lightly steeped in chamomile and lavender are placed on the eyes for 15 minutes to freshen their appearance and reduce swelling, while providing a soothing experience.


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    Next, Vasseur’s Creamy Cleanser is massaged into the skin for a deep pore cleanse.  Vasseur’s estheticians then look closely at the skin to assess the pores and perform extractions.


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    The maxi peel itself, is custom-blended on the spot to take into consideration client sensitivity, acne and needs, and is applied onto the skin.  For example, Vasseur’s Benzo Clear 5 or 10 acne treatment can be applied directly to the peel for clients with inflamed skin. The client receives a relaxing scalp massage as the peel works into the skin for three to 10 minutes.

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    The peel is removed with warm steamed towels.

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    Finally, Hydro Gel, a pure form of moisture, is applied to the face, followed by Vasseur’s Day 25, daily moisturizer with sunscreen, and the client is slowly roused from relaxation.

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