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January 31, 2012

Deep Vibrant Bob from Wella Trendvision


Deep Vibrant Bob from Wella Trendvision

One of the main looks from Wella Trendvision Spring/Summer 2012, Blaze is meant to encapsulate a woman of fiery passion. Ablaze with sensuality, Blaze, the “Femme Fatale”, wears her hair short, sharp cut and bold, contrasting colors with a sparkle in her eyes that shows a willful sense of irony. She is a playful, strong-willed diva with her own definitive style, independent of the approval of others. Sound like any of your clients? Help them set their look “ablaze” with this how-to from Wella Trendvision.

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On Paper Keyword: setwella, colorwella


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    Take a horseshoe-shaped section around the head, apply Koleston Perfect 4/0 to the underneath section, then zig zag the top section as shown.

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    Apply Koleston Perfect 44/65 and Koleston Perfect 66/46+0/66 to the top sections, alternating the color as desired. Separate with foil as needed.

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    Section the hair from the front hairline to nape, from occipital bone out to the back of ears and finally section out the fringe.

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    Establish the fringe length by shallow point cutting the fringe holding the hair close to the head.

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    Starting from center back, take vertical sections and deep point cut the hair to create a textured line.

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    Continue working up the back and then overdirect the sides back.

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    To ensure the back and sides join, scissor over comb the sections where they meet and deep point cut away weight lines.

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