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Last updated: January 23, 2018

How-To: Christian Siriano’s “Knitted,” Dual-Texture Updo

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It’s no wonder there was so much buzz surrounding the hair at Christian Siriano’s fall/winter 2016 show—the look has the trend appeal of pretty much every of-the-moment hairstyle. It combines sleek, smooth textures with an eclectic mix of braids; it’s modern, yet still maintains a classic, “wear-this-anywhere” vibe; and it’s a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine—reminiscent of the androgynous styles seen on the runways—and then the streets—of the biggest fashion capitals of the world.


When creating the look, Lead Stylist Anthony Cole mirrored Christian’s vision of using volume, texture, soft fibers and masculine undertones in shape and silhouette to bring the collection to life. “I wanted the style to emulate the feel of Christian’s collection,” shares Anthony. “We added the androgynous feel with the hard part, but kept the look soft using braids. The back is feminine, keeping the softness throughout the style.” Here’s his how-to!

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    On damp hair, mist Sebastian Trilliant, then apply Sebastian Mousse Forte. Blow dry clean and straight.

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    Take an off-centered section starting ½-inch to 1 inch past the crown of the head and tuck it away. On the left side, starting from the temple, take a diagonal section all the way from the temple to the nape of the neck and tuck away.

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    Brush the remaining hair into a side part and put into a temporary ponytail while creating a two-strand braid at the part and at the temple using Sebastian Eruptek.

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    Fasten both braids at the bottom, leaving them loose.

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    Remove temporary ponytail and brush the hair as if you would pony everything together (including the two braids). Then take four-strand sections making a woven, four-strand braid all the way through and fasten at the bottom. 

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    Rub Sebastian Eruptek onto the braid and open it up to achieve explosive texture and expansive volume in the look. Make the braid flat and wide to give it a woven, dry look. Finish with Sebastian Zero-Gravity and overlay Sebastian Shine Shaker for a soft shine.

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