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Last updated: November 10, 2017

Pixie Pointers

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Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson did it. So did Jennifer Hudson and Michelle Williams. After a slew of celebs submitted to the shears, it seems like the pixie cut is the new LBD. To produce short crops that are pixie perfect on textured hair, like the one sported by Hudson, here are some tips from Sebastian International Artist Anthony Cole and Nioxin Design Team Member Diane Stevens.


Smooth the Canvas
Whether hair is chemically straightened or naturally curly, blow-dry hair straight using a Denman Brush or heat resistant comb prior to cutting. Then flat iron to create a flat, shiny surface.


Eye On The Pie
For a close fit when cutting, work in pie-shaped sections radiating from the crown. This creates round layers.


Feminine Edge
Leave the nape full, yet shaggy for a soft, feminine look.


Once the perimeter is established, continue working in diagonal sections and point-cut where eight removal is required.


Style Points
Mist strands with Nioxin Therm Activ Spray, the smooth fine sections with a 1/4-inch ceramic flat iron. Finger style with NioSpray Regular Hold.


Stepping Out
For a going-out finish, mist with Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection and Sparkle Complex, and direct all strands in the same direction with a blow dryer. Mix Sebastian Craft Clay with a squirt of Sebastian MicroFiber Web and work through lengths, tousling the hair for drama.

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