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Last updated: June 26, 2017

Your Cheat Sheet To Assessing And Treating Her Hair

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Unlike skin, hair can’t repair itself. It needs treatment to improve. It’s your job to assess your client’s hair and help her determine what she needs to do to take her hair to its optimal health. Organic Colour Systems helps us break it down so you know how to figure out what’s wrong—and give her a prescription for healthier hair.


You probably aren’t able to analyze your client’s hair in a lab, but you can do a Wet Stretch Test to determine whether her hair needs protein or moisture (or even whether it’s already healthy!). Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a section of hair and spray it with water.
  2. Separate about 10 strands, then lock the hair around a finger on each hand.
  3. Firmly stretch the strand between two hands.


This assessment lets you pinpoint what your client needs to maintain the optimal balance of protein and moisture, then lets you make the perfect recommendation to give her the best Organic Colour Systems range for her needs. Here’s your cheat sheet to assessing clients’ hair and prescribing her the products she needs!


Hair Stretches, Ribbons or Breaks: Power Build


If her hair stretches, ribbons or worse, breaks, she needs protein for strength. You should recommend Organic Colour Systems Power Build, a four-product range that includes shampoo, conditioner, treatment and Power Build Revamp. With certified organic natural sunflower seed extract, natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea, and wheat protein and vitamin B5, you’ll boost her hair’s protein content fast.


Power Build Revamp is a game-changer. It’s a natural bond fixer and just one 15-minute application can restore the hair’s strength by up to 50 percent! It works its magic on all hair types lacking protein, encouraging vibrant, shiny color with no breakage.


Hair Doesn’t Stretch: Aqua Boost


When her hair doesn’t stretch, she’s lacking moisture. Recommend Organic Colour Systems Aqua Boost, which has certified organic aloe, natural black oak extract, comfrey, chamomile, jojoba and almond. These ingredients revive the structure of dry or damaged hair, leaving it soft and supple. The range includes a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and leave-in conditioner to up that moisture content while making the hair easier to comb and leaving it smooth and shiny.

Hair Stretches and Returns: Status Quo


When her hair stretches and returns to its length, she’s doing great! This means her hair is healthy and your job is to help her maintain that health. You should recommend Organic Colour Systems Status Quo, a four-product collection designed to maintain healthy hair and gentle enough for everyday use. The shampoo and conditioner preserve the hair’s natural shine, while the Status Quo Silver Shampoo removes unwanted orange and yellow tones from lightened or gray hair. The leave-in conditioner has organic grapefruit, orange peel extract and sunflower seed extract to protect from UV rays, reducing color fade and environmental damage.


Irritated Scalp: Soothe Plus

If her scalp is highly sensitive or irritated, she needs botanical ingredients to soothe and calm. Organic Colour Systems Soothe Plus is pH balanced and perfume-free, and it gently calms and cleanses using certified organic rose geranium (an anti-inflammatory), lichen (an anti-microbial) and willow (a natural antiseptic). The shampoo, conditioner and treatment provide a calming, cooling effect on itchy, red scalps.

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