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Last updated: November 27, 2017

Rep-Hair® Follicle Strengthening System

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The Rep-Hair® Follicle Strengthening System from Organic Colour Systems is a natural and scientifically-formulated daily scalp and hair care regime, designed to improve the strength and condition of the scalp and hair, providing an optimum follicular environment for hair growth.


Rep-Hair® combines natural and organic extracts, carefully selected for their nourishing, strengthening, conditioning and cleansing properties and their ability to protect the scalp while reducing inflammation of hair follicles. This highly effective and natural system harnesses the unique benefits of Capixyl™, an elite hair care complex proven to reduce hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth.


One kit provides 60 days of use. If used continuously, as directed, noticeable results should be seen within four to 16 weeks.


The system contains:

  • Rep-Hair® Strengthening Shampoo: designed to protect the hair and combat the aging effects of free radicals caused by UV and pollution. 

  • Rep-Hair® Nourishing Conditioner: moisturizes and strengthens hair from the inside while rebalancing its natural pH. 
  • Rep-Hair® Scalp Treatment: reduces inflammation of the scalp and create a healthy follicular environment for natural hair growth. 
  • Rep-Hair® Daily Supplements: contains an effective blend of natural ingredients to support strong and healthy hair, including biotin, folic acid, silica, riboflavin and vitamins B6 and B12. 


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