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Last updated: May 25, 2017

ThinkCurl™ Ammonia-Free Perming System

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This perming system from Organic Colour Systems creates curls with a natural feel, bounce and shine—and without the ammonia. The ThinkCurl™ system works for all perming and relaxing techniques, including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms.


Enriched with plant amino acids, ThinkCurl™ doesn’t damage hair, and instead nourishes and protects it throughout the perming process.

  • Rich in natural hair conditioners and moisturizers (wheat and soy protein)
  • 100 percent free from damaging ammonia and thiogylcolates
  • Uses wheat protein to strengthen and increases hair’s protein levels


Here’s how it works: ThinkCurl™ uses a gentle chemistry that works at a lower pH than traditional perm lotions. Instead of breaking bonds in the hair, ThinkCurl™ gently softens the bonds and augments them into their new, curly shape. No ammonia means the hair shaft swelling that typically happens during the perming process is reduced—which means less damage, less frizz and a more natural curl. This technology means you can perm your over-processed or damaged-hair clients! Plus, it’s virtually odorless, which your clients will appreciate.


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ThinkCurl™ Ammonia-Free Perming System

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