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Last updated: September 06, 2017

Organic Colour Systems North America is Born!

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Everyone loves the natural and organic salon professional color, care and styling products created by Organic Colour Systems. As a company, their goal is to meld quality and sustainability, creating a healthier work environment for hairdressers everywhere. It’s all about kindness—for the hair, the planet, and stylists who work so hard day in and day out.

Since 1999, Organic Colour Systems has worked with a distribution partner in North America, one who helped spread the word about these natural, eco-friendly products across the states. But now, they’re gearing up for a change! After this distribution agreement expired, Organic Colour Systems made a huge jump and have entered a new era. Now, they’re working directly with their North American salon customers!




With the birth of this UK brand’s new North American company, Organic Colour Systems (North American) Ltd., educational opportunities for stylists and salon owners are expanding. It’s time for direct engagement with the Organic Colour Systems manufacturers and brand owners! These interactions, from an educational and marketing support perspective, are sure to be an amazing resource for salon owners everywhere.