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January 29, 2017

Ammonia-Free Perm


Ammonia-Free Perm

It seems the perm is back in the spotlight! More and more clients want hair
that looks naturally curly. But one thing that’s definitely NOT back? Damaging
perming processes and unhealthy hair. And you hate having to tell your
super-lightened client that she can’t get her curl on. Check out this how-to for
an ammonia-free perm that won’t damage your client’s hair—and will help you
fulfill her curly girl dreams!

This technique uses ThinkCurl™ from Organic
Colour Systems
, which uses different chemistry than a traditional
perm. Instead of breaking bonds in the hair, ThinkCurl™ gently softens the bonds
and augments them into their new, curly shape. This technology means you can
perm your over-processed or damaged-hair clients! Plus, it’s virtually odorless,
which your clients will appreciate.


Products Used



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    Perform a Wet Stretch Test to determine the hair’s condition. Learn how to do a Wet Stretch Test.

  • 3

    Wash the hair with Clarify Shampoo, then do another Wet Stretch Test. Shampoo again using the appropriate product according to the Wet Stretch Test results.

  • 4

    Treat the hair according to the Wet Stretch Test Results. For this client, Organic Colour Systems used PowerBuild Revamp.

  • 5

    Section the hair and wind in perm rods, keeping the hair wet.

    Pro Tip: For added protection during perming, keep the hair damp by spraying with PowerBuild Revamp instead of water.

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    Once all the rods are in place, pack cotton wool around the hairline to absorb excess lotion and water.

  • 8

    Apply ThinkCurl™ Perming Lotion to each rod, ensuring hair is completely saturated.

  • 9

    Cover with a processing cap and process according to instructions. You can add heat if desired.

  • 10

    Rinse hair thoroughly with hot water (as hot as possible) for 10 to 15 minutes. Blot each rod with cotton wool, or an Organic Colour Systems Eco Towel, to remove any surplus water.

  • 11

    Apply ¾ of the bottle of ThinkCurl™ Neutraliser, ensuring that each rod is saturated. Process for 5 minutes.

    Pro Tip: Add eight drops of ThinkCurl™ Deodorizer to the ThinkCurl™ Neutraliser to help reduce any odor that may linger after perming.

  • 12

    Gently remove the rods.

  • 13

    Apply the remaining ThinkCurl™ Neutraliser and gently massage into the hair (the product will foam). Leave on for 3 minutes.

  • 14

    Rinse thoroughly with hot water and carefully scrunch while you towel-dry.

  • 15

    Apply Keep Curl Conditioner and leave on for 5 minutes. Style using the Keep Curl styling range.

  • 16

    Finished look.